Bill Humphries is an experienced web engineer, project, and program manager who has worked on projects at Apple, Linden Lab, and EPRI.

His portfolio includes the .Mac (later MobileMe) web email reboot, the Gallery application for MobileMe, backend support for the Second Life episode of CSI: NY, and training and development applications for Apple, Inc. employees.

However, despite the sophisticated applications and projects he's developed, you probably know him as the creator of the original Unitarian Universalist Jihad Name Generator, inspired by Jon Carroll's column for the San Francisco Chronicle.

He lives, works, bicycles, helps run science fiction conventions, and caters to the whims of his cats in Silicon Valley.

Bill Humphries has been known as "whump" since the early 1990's when the University of Wisconsin computing center assigned it as his unix login, and didn't know it also referred to a particular trope in fan fiction.