DRM Helmets: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Gordon Mohr suggests that we plug the ‘analog hole’ with Digital Rights Management helmets, so if you see or hear something which you don’t have the rights for, you go blind and deaf!

This will especially teach people not to listen to unauthorized copies of music while driving.

Gordon’s joke is explored in Karl Schroeder’s novel Permanence.

Eugen Leitl adds:

“… lowering the threshold for the cranial explosive trigger in your GuardHelmet(TM) for copyright violation will result in big saving on LEOs while simultaneously addressing the overpopulation problem in unit 589. I think you’ll be thrilled to learn that the next scheduled firmware reflash (broadcast at +5 ksec) enhancing EEG DSP and disruptive TMS will also effectively squash on the residual thoughtcrime issue recently brought to our attention…” — a Ministry of Truth Announcement scrolling over your headup display

L. Timmel Duchamp had a story in Asimov’s a couple of years back where most people had to be plugged into a virtual world, and reality was only for the wealthy. Imagine how Rights Owners could really go to town in that scenario. Hell isn’t the absence of G-D, it’s being forced to see pop-up ads everywhere you go.

Obligatory bitch-slap of Celene Dion goes here.