Avedon Defends MWO

Spinsanity went after MWO over their tone. That’s all nice and idealistic, but the ‘other side’ isn’t playing nice. They throw dirt in your face, dip their rapiers in the sewer, and in the case of The Blonde from Hell — turn both keys within five seconds of each other and let loose with rhetorical weapons of mass destruction.

Avedon Carol weighs in on the debate:

Spinsanity has tried to equate MWO with Limbaugh and Coulter. This is a bad joke; there is simply no equivalence at all. MWO attacks media sources for delivering “fair and balanced news” that is manifestly slanted and false. Rush and Ann are propagators of such falsehoods.

Meanwhile Saturday, the wee hours: There’s a longish debate on the matter in Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s Electrolite. Patrick and Teresa come down on the side of the angels, arguing that using Rush and Ann’s tactics are morally corrosive. The response has been that the Right fights dirty and playing nice doesn’t work.

But accepting the latter means that the audience — the American polity — is either too stupid or jaded to listen to rational argument. If that’s the case, then American Democracy is over and done. If it’s not, then you have reasons or at least faith that Americans care about policy and politics more than who was voted off American Idol this week. I’m telling you that it’s hard me to accept that premise these days.

Patrick quotes Jo Walton on his site: “Peace is an active and complex thing and sometimes fighting is part of what it takes to get it.” And that doesn’t mean “the ends justify the means.” So how do you get angry, busy and making the right things happen? This is a fight, with tangible things at stake: our rights, our prosperity, and how history judges us.