Professional Engineer on Closed Network: Do not attempt at home

We’re all suffering through spam hell this week. Teresa and Patrick’s comments (as well as other Moveable Type sites) have been hit by ‘adult entertainment entrepreneurs’. I’ve been Joe-Jobbed by a zombie horde of infected Windows boxes. Jay Allen’s fighting a rear guard action to build a blacklist tool for Moveable Type comments.

So, when the kids at Slashdot suggest drastic measures (oh look, Mac OS comes with this tool…) it’s hard not to, well, do your part for the Internet by stress testing the server selling patent medicines.

I think Jay, and the folks in Teresa’s comments section deserve the Hero of Blogistan with Anti-Spam Clusters for their work.

So, since Pat Robertson can get away with suggesting that someone ought to bomb the State Department, and Ann Coulter can giggle about Tim McVeigh killing editors with whom she disagrees, we Netizens ought to get away with suggesting that someone ought to garrote spammers and the DMA executive board. No, wait, rule 103.5343.a says: Only Conservatives can get away with encouraging the murder of their opponents. There is an exemption for Stalinists, but only in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Bloc. Well, you knew the game was rigged.