Blogher 06: People

A couple of long days (running from 8am to 11pm) at the San Jose Hyatt (which looks a bit like the late, lamented Hyatt Rickey’s) for Blogher.

Met many people, and a non-exhaustive list would include:

Elizabeth Perry
She’s a technologist in Pittsburgh, a heavy duty city for technology (CMU, and the steel mills that paid for CMU,) but her weblog Woolgathering features her watercolors.
Maria Burtis
Elizabeth’s sister who paints and draws as well. They both have books for their watercolors that they made from scratch. I love this sketch of a view of a Minnesota lake. The sketchbooks are art in themselves and I need to find a photo. Elizabeth of Woolgathering sent links to photos and notes on how to make them. Mark Bernstein would have serious envy of these notebooks.
George Kelly
Reporter for the Contra Costa Times, who looked familiar until Cyn and realized that we saw him read at Writers With Drinks a few months ago.
James Littlejohn
A Scot transplanted to Mountain View, working on a healthcare web startup. He’s interested in making the reputation economy a reality, and HealthXY is a first pass at that idea.
Jaime Mintun
Her company, Blog Talk Radio, hosts call-in shows online.
Maria Benet
A blogger from Marin. I later learned that she’s famous for a series of posts written for her college-bound son written from the perspective of one of his childhood toys.
Dina Mehta
She encouraged Cynthia and I to stop despairing about politics and go out there and advocate. She told us that Indian bloggers made a difference when her government made a ham-fisted try to censor the Internet a couple of weeks ago. They got their message out online, in print, and on radio and TV.
Marnie MacLean
At the LA Times, but going to move north. She’s a knitter, so she and Cynthia were happily geeking on their favorite technology.
A photoblogger who flew out from Australia for the conference.
Gavin Doughtie
On his way back to LA from OSCON. He’s working on graphics libraries for the Döjo project. Todd, you and him ought to talk about your experiments with the Canvas element.

I’ve forgotten a host of names of other folks, and wish I’d thought to ask for your business cards. But meeting a diverse group of people was stimulating and great fun.

Cynthia’s considering the negatives of Blogher, which put a chill on the proceedings.

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