Gender WTF: I thought we were discussing the laptop?

I was forwarded today’s Gizmodo post about a Hello Kitty laptop. Most of the comments on the post are not about the merits of the laptop, but the woman holding up the laptop.

WTF, gentlemen? You know there’s a conversation that could be had about marketing, and product design. For instance: how are those decorations on the lid going to survive being lugged about in someone’s laptop bag? What makes you think women are going to buy computers just because someone’s put rhinestones on one would want to buy a particular computer because it has rhinestones on the lid? And that’s rather large for a laptop, don’t you think? But comments concerning your assessment of the model’s perceived attractiveness? Not relevant, and stop doing that. You’re just embarrassing yourselves.

  • cynthia

    WTF, indeed. I didn’t bother to scroll down for the comments because I was trying to not spork my eyes out from the sheer hideousness of the computer.

  • Chris Messina

    +1. Srsly…

    The web definitely has pockets miserably unfriendly to women. Teh sigh.