SproutCore and Web Gallery

The .Mac Web Gallery announced this morning was our team’s secret project these past few months. To build this, we used a JavaScript MVC framework, SproutCore, that Charles Jolley, another member of our team, started before coming to Apple.

And yes, I know I’m contributing to the proliferation of cat photos on the Web.

One more thing: the Gallery provides feeds in Atom.

8 August 2007 ETA: Charles launched the official SproutCore site this evening. And woah, a link from Daring Fireball can spike one’s traffic, and hopefully create a bunch of users and contributors for the framework.

  • Carl

    Why do the galleries have a button for feed, but not a link rel=”alternate” type=”application/atom+xml” for the feed? Auto-discovery is cool, yo.

  • http://billsaysthis.com BillSaysThis

    Where is the SC documentation or support forum? The wiki has got some basic info but not enough to build an app from. And why did puling it from svn get me the entire Rails source too?!

  • http://www.whump.com/ Bill Humphries

    @Carl: It’s actually a bit tricky to do that on a per-album basis since the application doesn’t do a page load when switching between albums. Non-JS aware auto-discovery probably wouldn’t catch the changes to the link element in the document’s head.

    @Bill: Charles is pulling together more documentation as I type.

  • http://scruffy.wordpress.com Joely

    Those are some very handsome cats!

  • james

    I see you are using iPhoto to display your cat pictures and your other albums and you are using the option to stop people downloading your images.

    But did you know that anyone that wants to can download the images, copy, put them into their own iPhoto, make them a desktop image or even print them by just right clicking and putting them into a new window. I could take yours and others who publish pictures in the same way on the web with iPhoto or Aperture.

    So don’t be fooled the download option doesn’t work. Just try it yourself and you will see what I mean!

    whump: James, the download option on albums in iPhoto allows the creator to make higher resolution originals of the images in the album available for download, rather than the lower resolution web derivatives iPhoto generates for display. For example:


    So yes, you might be downloading my cat images, but at a lower resolution than the original photos, unless I enable it.