Kamakura’s a little town about a 20 minute rail trip from Yokohama station. Narrow streets, lots of shops, plenty of temples. Cynthia and I went there today.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine
Yukinoshita Catholic Church
The Daibutsu at Kotokuin

Several faiths represented here in this old capital.

After walking around in the late summer humidity, I wanted some cold soba. We passed by a place in the morning where a cook was rolling out buckwheat noodles in the window. On the way back from the Shinto temple, we stopped in. It was perfect.

  • Dote

    I loved Kamakura when I visited there over 10 years ago. From your photos it looks like nothing’s changed and that’s a good thing. Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  • http://www.ronmb.com Ron

    Awesome pictures. You and Peter are out exploring the world and I’m stuck in Cupertino fixing bugs. So jealous of you guys. Looking forward to more pics!