‘Golden Compass’ / Pullman Post Index

I’ve noticed an increase in traffic from searches for Pullman and the upcoming The Golden Compass movie adaptation, so as a service, here’s an index to my posts on the topic:

There’s also a recent Atlantic Monthly article (subscription required, on how Hollywood eviscerated the book for the movie adaptation. A money quote:

At the [Cannes Film] festival, the studio had delivered a sheet of talking points to the hotel room of at least one cast member, Sam Eilliot, who plays a Texas aeronaut in the film. According to Elliot, the talking points instructed that if the question of Pullman’s religious views came up, the actors should “just avoid it and play stupid.”

I’m planning on seeing the movie, but disappointed that Hollywood caved to the culture war bullies.

  • http://www.beingjonstewart.com Michael Shea

    I had the experience in high school of writing a play for elementary school students about US history; they re-wrote the play entirely without telling me, kept my name on it, and produced a video of it. So when I see movie producers handle a book like this, I just shake my head. At the very least, when such a divergence of book/movie happens, there should be some acknowledgement. Instead of “based on the book by” in the credits, there should be some other way to describe it.