Anita Rowland

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Anita Roland at NorthernVoice in Vancouver, BC.

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Back in 1999 and 2000, Anita Rowland helped bridge the online journaling and weblog communities, with her weblog and her journal, Anita’s Book of Days, she also helped run the Seattle Blogger Meetups. I met Anita through Science Fiction Fandom, especially Potlatch where she ran the hospitality suite whenever it was held in Seattle.

For the past few years, she fought off cancer, but today, she died.

Cynthia and I are grateful that she was well enough to travel this summer and go to Japan for the World Science Fiction convention where we last saw her.

My condolences to her husband, Jack William Bell, and to all of my friends in Seattle Fandom’s Vanguard crew who helped them with looking after grandchildren, rides to the doctor, cooking and cleaning.

Dammit, Anita, you are well-loved and will be missed.

ETA: Jack has opened a memorial post on LJ for our memories of Anita.

Shelley Powers points back at Frank Paynter’s interview with Anita from a few years ago.

  • Ross

    I’m devastated.

  • Frank Paynter

    I’m so sorry to hear this news. My sympathies to Jack and all Anita’s friends.

  • Bill Humphries

    Frank, thank you for the URL of your interview with Anita. She was a part of many far-flung communities.

  • Shelley

    Bill, do you know if Jack is doing OK financially? I know that long-term illness can be very costly, and its difficult enough having to deal with the pain of loss and a financial burden at the same time.

    I don’t want to intrude, but if he and Riley can use a little help…