Mr. Lessig attempts to go to Washington

Larry Lessig announced he’s is considering running for California’s 12th district, a seat left vacant by the death of Representative Tom Lantos. I’m not sold on the idea that Congress is the best place for him to be.

And, even though the seat is vacant, he’ll face considerable competition from State Senator Jackie Speier, a veteran politician with support from the California Congressional delegation, who started her campaign when Lantos announced he was leaving at the end of his term. The 12th district covers much of San Mateo county and the Southwest corner of San Francisco, which is not the Google heartland.

It’s not my race. I’m in the 14th district. But it’s another round of The Web vs. The Establishment, and will be interesting to watch.

ETA: There’s a discussion of how a Lessig/Speier race could play out, and how Leland Yee could play the spoiler, at Open Left.

ETA: Shelly Powers wrote a thoughtful piece on why Lessig would not be the best candidate for the seat.

ETA: He was considering running, and had not announced. Thanks, Elkit.

ETA: Lessig has decided not to run.

  • elkit

    I don’t think he has announced that he’s running. He’s announed that he’s thinking about it, but I don’t think he’s made his decision yet.