Saturday Music: Virtual Electropop and Missed Synergies

I just bought music off of MySpace from a band that only appears in a virtual world.

But to do that, I had to sign up for yet another vendor, Snocap. Fortunately, they use PayPal, so I didn’t have have to give them a credit card.

However, I wish that MySpace would had struck a deal with eMusic for selling tracks since I already have an account there.

Some of Chouchou songs have that sing-song, treacly sound that can make J-Pop annoying.

Their track ‘Neverland,’ however, sports a bossa-nova piano, breathless vocals, and a dead-on hook. Recommended.

  • Torley

    Big fan of Chouchou too! Such beauty, I’d like to attend an inworld concert of their’s…