Social Networks Assume A Great Deal

Sarah Dopp made a disturbing discovery on Facebook today:

I remove my gender from my facebook profile, and all of a sudden I get ads for startups instead of diets!

It’s staggering to realize all the cultural messages dropped on women. Do advertisers really only see women as “pre-dieting”? Come on Facebook, you can do better. It’s not hard.

But it’s worse than it appears. If you set your profile to genderless, it still hectors you to tell them your gender. I guess they have a lot of diet banner ads they need to display.

  • Kris

    I dunno, I get diet ads all the time too, and I am registered as male.

  • kellan

    I get ads for startups, Jasmine get bridal ads, though we’re both listed as engaged :-/

  • cynthia

    Let’s see: gender assumptions up the wazoo sprinkled with large doses of fatphobic crud. Massive fail.


    Hmm, I\’m ungendering on there right now just to see.