Skewering “Thrift Chic”

I enjoyed Judith Levine’s article in Salon where she excoriates the attitude that an economic collapse is good for moral hygiene. Several friends of Cynthia and mine were laid off from Spansion yesterday, and they aren’t singing the Diamond Sutra.

  • Joe D

    This Spansion?

    What a bunch of dicks.

  • Shelley

    Just starting Frugal Algorithm, and being unemployed and pretty much on the edge of losing everything, I don't agree with Levine — or at least, I think she's conflating two different views of the same set of events.

    No, unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure are not good. But becoming more self-sufficient, less dependent on the market, more environmentally aware, more _frugal_ isn't counter to the best interests of the global economy, either.

  • Shelley

    PS Spansion is an example of the worst of the corporate mentality — which is why we need to become less dependent on a**h**** employers like it. Sorry for your friends.