Ada Lovelace Day 2009

In the few minutes left before the first Ada Lovelace Day comes to a close, I want to tell you about my friend and coworker Strata Rose Chalup.

Strata is a world-class geek and polymath: she’s co-authored one of the go-to books on system administration, teaches project management at USENIX, gardens, dotes on her cats, dives, blogs, and operates HAM radio.

Last year, she joined us at Linden Lab. If you recall my employer’s recent announcement hosting IBM’s annual Technology Academy meetings in Second Life behind their firewall, Strata’s project management acumen made that possible.

I’m starting to do more project management in my job, and Strata’s been a great mentor to me as I learn those new skills.

Thanks Strata. Happy Ada Lovelace Day.

There’s a whole host of women geeks I’ve known in-person and virtually to recognize as well:

Dorothea Salo, whose journey from linguistics grad student to authority on Open Access digital archiving it has been a pleasure to read these past few years.

Dori Smith and Shelly Powers, both excellent explainers of technology.

Liz Henry, who I’ve known for ages. She picked up, took her laptop, and went to Houston to help Katrina refugees who were getting short shrift from FEMA. And that’s a small part of all the great things she’s done over the years.

Our cousin Vito Excaliber, with her wit and sketchpad.

K. Tempest Bradford, netbook maven, and unflinching vanguard for women of color in science fiction fandom.

Tess Chu, our team’s technical lead: unflappable, wise in the ways of C++, and mentors other women engineers and students.

Florence Chan, artist and wrangler of sculpted prims, whose landscaping makes Second Life a beautiful place to visit.

Meadhbh Hamrick, striving to get a pack of assorted vendors and technologists to march in the same direction on interoperability standards for virtual worlds.

And of course, Cynthia Gonsalves, beloved wielder of x-rays, focused ion beams, and knitting needles.

  • Debbie

    Meeting Strata at Potlatch was a real treat. I can see why you have such good things to say about her.

  • ericafirment

    I am proud to work in a place so rich with smart nerdy women. Strata is, indeed, legend. Thanks for the shoutout to the ladies Whump!