Cynthia’s Published!

My partner Cynthia has a piece in a new collection of essays inspired by WisCon.

We ran into Timmi Duchamp, the publisher, at the Minneapolis airport. We were all on the same connecting flight to Madison for WisCon 33. So we got to see the finished book.

Cynthia Hold WisCon 33 Book

Forgive the crappy iPhone picture here. I’ll replace it with a better one of Cynthia holding her contributor copy after she gets it in the mail.

Duchamp’s imprint, Aqueduct Press, has published a volume of essays related to each year’s convention, starting with WisCon 30. Lst year at WisCon 32, the big conversations were about race, fandom, and feminism as well as trolling. Cynthia’s essay is a response to the troll who showed up and trashed the people on a panel she moderated last year.

If the troll wanted people to shut up about feminism, race, and gender, they failed since Sylvia Kelso, an Australian fan and writer, will edit the WisCon 33 volume.

  • shiva7663

    This is just to say that WisCon is one of the conventions I have just got to see one of these years….