Blogging Verisimilitude

Cynthia and I watched Julie and Julia last Saturday, and I enjoyed it.

However, in the scene where Julie, annoyed by her friends and depressed with her job, decides to start a blog* she goes to a web page with Salon and Blogger branding.

I turn to Cynthia and whisper, “I’m certain that Salon was using Radio Userland for their hosted blogs back then!”

She chuckled and whispered “Pedant!” back at me.

Cynthia found the first entry of the actual Julie Powell’s blog, and sure enough:


Why didn’t the production designer keep the Radio Userland/Salon co-branding? Dave Winer’s software was cheated of its star turn!

Meanwhile, both the movie and the blog it’s adapted from are very enjoyable.

Minor Spoiler:

I really got a kick out of the reveal about Avis in the second act. It was a nice way to thematically link Child and Powell. But I doubt there were moral panics about pen-pals.

* A movie about blogging!?! I know. Ten years ago, I’d never imagined that happening.

  • kellan

    Oooh, good catch on the Salon/Userland, I totally missed that.