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Paying for Social Networking

NPR interviewed Denise Paolucci, one of the founders of the new journal/blog site Dreamwidth, last week. She’s skeptical about advertising-supported social networking sites, and wrote a multipart essay last year walking through the problems with it (the essay was originally posted to her Live Journal account, but has been moved to Dreamwidth.) The primary problem [...]

On Tracking Cookies and Killing Puppies

Following a post by Nelson Minar, I found the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out of tracking cookies page. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to set all the opt-out cookies from that interface, so I had to go to some of the individual advertising networks’ opt-out interface. On BlueKai’s website, I was rewarded with this bit of passive [...]

Social Networks Assume A Great Deal

Sarah Dopp made a disturbing discovery on Facebook today: It’s staggering to realize all the cultural messages dropped on women. Do advertisers really only see women as “pre-dieting”? Come on Facebook, you can do better. It’s not hard. But it’s worse than it appears. If you set your profile to genderless, it still hectors you [...]

Life Imitates The Onion

As badgerbag observes, life now imitates The Onion. Even the actual ad’s over the top.

Before Spam Blogs

Spam Blogs are a new version of an older problem.

Cleaning the Stables

I hadn’t looked at my Trackback table in a few weeks. It was full of crap from spammers looking for Google-juice. Fortunately I could clean it out with an SQL DELETE. But the crapflood never stops. I’m using PubSub to search RSS/Atom feeds, and now the search results are contaminated by a new gang of [...]

Google’s Everywhere

Saw a graphic for “Google Site Stats” on Fandango.com when buying Harry Potter tickets tonight. When did Google get into the site stats business?

Freedom Fry Research Center

This morning I received spam from an outfit identifying itself as the: U.S. Non-Parisian Research Council Further on in the spam they spelled “non-partisan” correctly, but had to laugh at the unintentional jingoism.

Note to Fandango.com Senior Management

I like Fandango. It’s a great service. However Fandango just sent me marketing email for which I didn’t ask. What’s worse is that it was for Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion. So a piece of advice: if you spam people trying to sell a piece of anti-Semitic garbage, you might lose them as customers.

Bohemian Like You

[ via Boing Boing ] v-2 had a great retort to those who beat up on Ikea and Starbucks: in a global economy someone was going to find a way to mass market the Scandinavian furniture and coffee drinks that you thought you had a hipster monopoly on. I’ve heard the same complaints about Amazon [...]

TV Turnoff Week

I’m still going to watch Angel (on tape) if it’s new that week, even if it means that Naomi Klein appears with a flaming sword to send me to heck for doing so. But other than DVDs and the occasional PS2 game, that’s the only thing the TV’s used for.

AOL Mailer FAQ

AOL’s FAQ for external organizations sending mail to AOL addresses. Chuq mentioned this on the public Apple web development list. And yes, if you follow AOL’s rules, you can get on their commercial email white list.

The Guts of a New Machine

The NYTimes on two years after the introduction of the iPod. Interviews with Manhattan trendsetting clones “Andrew Andrew”, Apple’s Jonathan Ive, and Steve Jobs. Some insights into components and the end of ‘not invented here’. Consideration of market dominance as Dell introduces its MP3 player. [ Thanks Moshe! ]

RSS as Early Warning System

Net News Wire just updated (11:51 PST.) Sam Ruby’s comments feed was filled with spam advertising some sort of conspiracy theory site. Watching other folk’s comments feeds for this sort of thing might be a useful way to detect attacks.

Professional Engineer on Closed Network: Do not attempt at home

We’re all suffering through spam hell this week. Teresa and Patrick’s comments (as well as other Moveable Type sites) have been hit by ‘adult entertainment entrepreneurs’. I’ve been Joe-Jobbed by a zombie horde of infected Windows boxes. Jay Allen’s fighting a rear guard action to build a blacklist tool for Moveable Type comments. So, when [...]