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JQuery is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Recreating the .Mac/MobileMe gallery using JQuery and CSS. [ via Fozbaca ]


Photo: David Katz/Obama for America As a long time Mac partisan, I’m amused by this photo from election night in Chicago.

iPhone Screen Caps

I learned from Dave Rogers that the iPhone 2.0 software will take screen shots! Press the home and sleep buttons, the screen flashes for feedback, and a PNG image will be dropped off in your recent photos folder. The free Remote.app from Apple is nice, but I can’t convince my coworkers to let me run [...]

Goodbye, .Mac

Bye .Mac, hello Me Best wishes to my friends at Apple working on the Mobile Me launch tonight!

A Less Complex Workflow

Now that MarsEdit supports tags for WordPress, I no longer have to edit the post on the server to add the tags after publishing from the tool.

Gallery Kudos

CNet’s Webware listed the revamped .Mac Gallery as one of their top ten site redesigns of 2007. However, after working on it, I do not want to go to Mammoth Lake, ever. [Thanks, Josh.]

FOAF Support in Safari RSS

John Resig: there’s FOAF Support in Safari RSS! Add a link to your FOAF file in the head of your weblog.

Leopard Feeds Boo!

An unhappy discovery about feeds in Leopard. At Linden Lab we use an internal wiki, and I wanted to subscribe to the recent changes feed in Mail.app. The wiki uses HTTP authentication. When I tried updating the feed after I added it, instead of asking for my credentials, Mail threw an error dialog reporting that [...]

Leopard Feeds Yay!

A happy discovery this morning in Safari 3: Click on the poorly named ‘RSS’ button in the address bar and get a list of all the feeds available at the current URL. Torley, we need to talk about upgrading you to WordPress 2.3.

iphone-viewport-meta 0.8.1

Updated version of the WordPress plugin for optimizing the display of blogs on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now scrolls the location bar out of the way after page load, but does not conflict with links to named anchors on the page. From a suggestion by Donny Cruce.

A quick test of XJournal

Checking to see if the new build plays nice on Leopard.

XSLPalette 1.3.3

Todd Ditchendorf released an update to his XPath/XQuery/XSLT debugging tool.

iphone-viewport-meta plugin 0.7

I’ve updated my iphone-viewport-meta plugin for WordPress. The changes include support for the iPod Touch: Now uses device-width constant instead of a value in pixels. Test for both iphone and ipod in user agent string. Switch from semi-colon to comma as separator, per ADC documentation. James Craig has been great with pointing out bugs and [...]

SproutCore and Web Gallery

The .Mac Web Gallery announced this morning was our team’s secret project these past few months. To build this, we used a JavaScript MVC framework, SproutCore, that Charles Jolley, another member of our team, started before coming to Apple. And yes, I know I’m contributing to the proliferation of cat photos on the Web. One [...]

iPhone Viewport Meta Plugin for WordPress

Get the plugin from wordpress.org. Update 4: Plugin now hosted at wordpress.org. Update 3: New version with support for viewport constants, and iPod Touch. Update 2: James Craig points out that the ID attribute is not allowed in the META element, so I’ve updated the plugin. Update: I should add what my aim is. Rather [...]