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Did I feel it?

Oh yes, most definitely. The cats were not happy.

Yes, I did feel that.

Aside from a spooked Yukino kitty (poor thing,) I’m fine. Mobile phones were not working for a few minutes, however internet and SMS was, so cynthia1960 and I were able to check in with each other. I haven’t felt a 5.x tremblor since 1996 when I moved …

Cactus Flower

It’s nearing mid-summer, and time for the ephemeral cactus flowers to appear, like this one on the stair to my door.

Mavericks Big Wave Event – Tuesday February 7th 2006

Mavericks Big Wave Contest on Tuesday! KTVU and SFGate.com covering it. There’s QuickTime video from the finals, including Grant Baker’s winning ride and a SFGate photo essay.

Clay Shirky’s Talk at Long Now Foundation

Clay Shirky gave a talk at the Long Now Foundation last Monday on “Making Digital Durable”. If you read Clay’s essays, most of this won’t be new, but it was nice to hear him pull several threads together. Things that jumped out at me “Classes of errors unrelated to the mode of production.” “Who can [...]

Kepler’s Reopens!

Great news on the bookstore front: Clark Kepler’s renegotiated his lease, secured funding, and the store re-opens on Saturday, October 8th. Part of the plan is to solicit memberships in the store. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but we’ll learn more soon.

Kepler’s Update

Lee Nau just IM’ed me with news on Kepler’s Books: Clark Kepler may have some financial help to keep the store open. People have rallied behind the store. There’s already a weblog dedicated dedicated to the cause.

Goodbye and Thanks, Kepler’s

[ via Cynthia, who told me that Rika posted about it. ] After over 50 years of selling books on the Peninsula, Clark Kepler has decided to close his store. That leaves Books Inc., who took over the space used by Printers, Inc. store in downtown Mountain View, as the only independent new bookseller in [...]

Going to Bar Camp

I’ll be at Bar Camp, the indyrock version of Foo Camp, this Sunday, and possibly Saturday morning. I think it’s a grand idea, and I’m happy to see the Foo Campers working with the Bar Campers to connect the groups this weekend. I’ll have swag, and plan to talk about Stupid XSLT Tricks on Sunday. [...]

PHP in the Gossip Pages

Only in Silicon Valley would the anniversary of a programming language make the gossip page of an alternative paper. From the San Jose Metro’s The Fly column: This summer is the 10th anniversary of PHP’s original release date, prompting parties among its champions in Quebec, Germany and Lerdorf’s Fremont home, where he drank champagne with [...]

Lt Ken Ballard

Before tonight’s vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan (q.v.), Karen Meredith, who also lost a son in Iraq, thanked us for coming. She leaves for Camp Casey this weekend, where Sheehan and supporters wait for President Bush to speak with her and other bereaved parents.

Red Sweaters

Nina Rosenberg’s looking for people to help knit small red sweaters, one for each American solider who has died in Iraq, for an art project. One of the people at the MoveOn vigil for Cindy Sheehan in Mountain View held a placard advertising the site. She said that the sweaters are easy to knit and [...]

Billable Hours

Some friends who are rasing kids in California are tired of the status quo. The schools lack nurses, psychologists, gym teachers, art teachers, administrative assistants, custodians, music teachers, librarians, and so many more positions. It’s all been cut, and the parents have filled in. In June, we will present a bill to you, Governor Schwartzenegger. [...]

Let Us Now Praise Famous Suckers

Found a great piece about Suck.com’s history written for the 10th anniversary of the site’s launch. Suck.com’s style: new content daily, the writers’ snark, and their simple (for pre-CSS) design influenced plenty of Webloggers. My favorite piece remains the piss-take on Silicon Valley Techno-Libertarians.

Little Boxes in the colo

John Cowan recycles Malvina Reynolds: Little boxes in the colo, Little boxes made of ticky-tacky, Little boxes, little boxes, Little boxes, all the same. There’s a Dell one and a Sun one And a Blue one and a Compaq one And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky And they all run just the same. Appropriate [...]