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Charles N. Brown, Publisher of Locus, has Died

Locus serves as the de-facto trade magazine for the business of writing and publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy. Charles N. Brown, who started Locus in 1968, died on July 12, while returning from Readercon.

John Leonard is Dead, and I am Angry

John Leonard, a critic and writer whose work I loved, died on Wednesday. I don’t know if it was the joy and shock of a country voting overwhelmingly for Senator Obama that finally did him in.
He wrote prolifically. But let him explain:
For a living, I chase the ambulances of popular culture. I review television every [...]

Robert Asprin

Sad news from Kevin Standlee, who just flew out to Cincinatti for MARCON. Robert Asprin, author of all those pun laden MythAdventures books about Skeeve and his demonic friend Aahz, died Friday. Asprin was to be MARCON’s author guest of honor. I’ll remember those books for Kelley Freas’ covers, which were as full of visual [...]

Anita Rowland

Anita Roland at NorthernVoice in Vancouver, BC. Originally uploaded by roland. Back in 1999 and 2000, Anita Rowland helped bridge the online journaling and weblog communities, with her weblog and her journal, Anita’s Book of Days, she also helped run the Seattle Blogger Meetups. I met Anita through Science Fiction Fandom, especially Potlatch where she [...]

“The Haçienda must be built”

[via imomus] Tony Wilson, the Manchester TV producer and music impresario who founded Factory Records, has died from a heart attack.I learned about the Manchester scene too late for Ian Curtis’ Joy Division, but played the hell out of my New Order reco…