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Awe, Anger and Wonder

Awe over Senator Obama’s overwhelming victory. He ran the map. 538.com’s projections were nearly spot on. I lost the pool at work with my much more conservative guess that spotted McCain Florida and Ohio, but I don’t care. Anger over my fellow Californians’ willingness to enshrine bigotry in the constitution. (However, that is not a [...]

California Ballot Propositions

I’m guessing that most of you have voted by mail already, however, if you’re still staring at that ballot, my opinions. Most importantly, an emphatic No on 8: it is discriminatory, it hurts my friends and co-workers, and it’s the most mean-spirited thing I’ve seen since, well, the Knight Initiative. On some of the others: [...]

Mr. Lessig attempts to go to Washington

Larry Lessig announced he’s is considering running for California’s 12th district, a seat left vacant by the death of Representative Tom Lantos. I’m not sold on the idea that Congress is the best place for him to be. And, even though the seat is vacant, he’ll face considerable competition from State Senator Jackie Speier, a [...]

H-Wing Crash

The Honda H-Wing art car, mentioned previously, was in a wreck last month. Shawn’s insurance company wrote it off as totaled, but he’s repairing it.

A Good Anti Spam Policy

There’s a special election in California next month and the PR arm of the legit drug industry wanted to let me know that voting for Proposition 79 was against their interests. So much, in fact, that I’ve been spamed twice this week about the horrors of negotiating prices. Handing the mall over to SpamCop for [...]

Twilight Rocket Launch Visible from Bay Area Tonight

Susan Kitchens says there’ll be a satellite launch from Vandenberg AFB at 7:24 PDT tonight. That’s a little after local sunset, which means the Sun illuminates the rocket’s exhaust plume from behind against the darkening sky. It’s an incredible sight. And the launch will be visible from the Bay Area. Update: It launched, but we [...]

Flying in a Small Plane

I got to ride along in a friend’s RV-7A last Sunday, on an afternoon trip to Placerville.

Kim Stanley Robinson on Climate

The Guardian interviews writer Kim Stanley Robinson. His current books are about a near future America still refusing to deal with climate change. In the climax of Forty Signs of Rain, the tidal surge from a hurricane floods the Nation’s Capital. It may get a little dire before we pull together, but I think when [...]

“Here the possibility of recursion looms large.”

I’ve read about the PKD android. Through Lenny Bailes, I learn that the PKD android was on the A Scanner Darkly adaptation panel at ComicCon. Um, woah. Thanks to an anonymous commentator at Making Light for the title of this entry.

Bad People Doing Wrong Things

I thought I’d mentioned the The Arcata Eye’s police log previously: a paean to life in Northern California’s export crop zone, in a town overwhelmed by drifters, stoned students, and off-leash dogs. Cynthia alerted me to a song, also on the Eye’s site, inspired by the police log. Across the way at Ninth and H [...]

Cheers to Space Ship One

Kudos to Burt Rutan and his team who made their second flight to 100 km this morning and won the X-Prize.

Angry, amended

I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am that my State’s court has ruled that my friend’s marriages have no value. Update Well, BBum says that Cory and, by simple algebra, myself have foot-in-mouth, and we should realize that the court had no choice to rule the way it did. And that it [...]

Live Journaling the Democratic Convention

My friend Alyson‘s in Boston as part of the California Delegation to the Democratic Party Convention. She sent this from the floor: Today was the first official day of the convention and I’ve only been on the floor for about an hour. Imagine a huge arena with vast numbers of people moving all the time. [...]

From Mojave to Dryden

Watching SpaceShipOne reminded me of a schoolboy crush I had on a rocketplane from the 1960′s. I grew up watching the Apollo flights to the Moon, but when I was able to read and haunt the school library, I learned about the X-15, the rocket-powered space plane NASA flew out of Edwards Air Force Base [...]

SpaceShipOne road trip

I was there. It was amazing. Rutan’s a showman as well as an inventor. Drove all night from Silicon Valley to Mojave to see the flight. Turned around and drove back. I’ll post photos later. I haven’t slept more than half an hour in the past two days, so I must take a nap. Update: [...]