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The Golden Cloud! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Penny Arcade considers the OnLive render-that-stuff-in-The Cloud™ hype that had the Game Developers’ Conference buzzing.

Adorable Mutant Freaks

My friend Lea adopted a little white kitten, which she named Zero. She also illustrated a couple of issues of Transmetropolitan, so the photoshopped image of said kitten should not be a surprise.

Dæmons Explained

Without them we become hollow-eyed, half-alive, wraith-like shadows of ourseves. [via Janice Gelb]

Justice has a Call Number…

It’s 1973, a 19th Century Bible has gone missing from the Oakland Public Library, and Inspector Bay has three days to find it. Return with us now to the days of acoustic coupler modems, microfiche borrower records, and no nonsense library cops in Jason Shiga’s graphic novel, Bookhunter. Dorothea and Ed, you need to read [...]

You can read that line a couple of ways.

Lore has another interpretation of Charlie Brown’s Halloween lament.

3 Laws of Disco Robotics

Scott Bateman updates Dr. Asimov.

Cathedral Child online under CC License

Lea Hernandez released her 1998 steampunk manga Cathedral Child online under a Creative Commons license. OEL Romantic Science at Its Best! Texas STEAMPUNK! The WILD WEST GENIUS GIRL! Nefarious VILLAINS! A Dashing HERO! Adorable Middle-Aged People in LOVE! WEREYOTES! JACKELOPES! …aaaaaaand… PEACHES!

Just Another Village of the Damned

While I was not exactly the audience they had in mind, three things in Hot Fuzz made me smile: Desk sergeant reading a Iain Banks novel. Pub playing Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me). Skellingtons reference. Dana Stevens has the best summary of the movie: Hot Fuzz is like an Agatha Christie novel directed [...]

Everyone calls me “ma’am” these days

Today’s the 10th anniversary of the first broadcast of Welcome to the Hellmouth. I didn’t get into BtVS until Cynthia urged me to watch around the end of season five, “I’m just getting into it and they kill off the title character.” Of course, I got Cyn back: “hey, Avram mentioned this Japanese cartoon, His [...]

“I heard she killed a man with swears and fabulous.”

Lea Hernandez ran up to Austin from San Antonio to participate in 24 Hour Comic Day at Austin Books, she’s blogging each page over at her Live Journal.

Support Comics, A fundraiser for Lea Hernandez

Long-time readers will recall Lea Hernandez’s manga explanation of how XML Schema sucks the life out of hapless programmers that appeared in this blog last year. Lea’s house burnt down earlier this month, and the comics community and her friends have all pitched in to help her and her family through the crisis. However, you, [...]

Bento Physics

Matthew Arcilla, who I know through his snarky blog on comics and Philippine pop culture, has a new blog he’s co-writing with Jamila Nedjadi where they consider Manga and Anime while trying to steer clear of fannish squeee and desiccated theory-speak.

A Bald Kevin Spacey is not a Sufficient Villain

Brad Wilson’s reluctance to see Superman Returns hits on a reason I prefer series over feature-length movies: Smallville’s Lex is smart, devious, capable, and above all, not yet evil. The on-again, off-again friendship between Lex and Clark, and the tremendous loyalty that they have both shown to each other, makes the idea of seeing a [...]

Look at that Beetle Go

Aside to John Rogers: that was a clever reference to Life on Mars in Blue Beetle #4.

Maxwell’s Heat Pump

Can I buy one of these at Fry’s? Can I buy one without eternal damnation?