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The War on Christmas

John Rogers: But it is universally agreed that ‘The War on Christmas’ movement marked the moment that America had become just … too stupid to survive.

Antarctica’s Not a Source of Family Values

My favorite comment on the Conservative embrace of March of the Penguins was Carl Zimmer’s list of ideas for other ‘family values’ films based on natural history. Heartwarming, those Stepfathers of the Serengeti. Heh, badgerbag caught a whiff of decay and undigested fish off that movie long before the NYT article. It was all about [...]

No Vision

How does one group of conservative Christians plan to deal with the uncertainties of the modern world? The authors envision a state designed to protect the “integrity” of the home — autonomous family units composed exclusively of one woman, one man, and as many children as possible. As incentive for the mother to stay home [...]

Stevens Creek Parents

I got an email from a parent of a kid at Stevens Creek Elementary, the public school in Cupertino to which the Fox News crowd likes to send death threats, as a follow-up to a post on the school back in December of 2004. The message was that the parents have put together a site [...]

Irving Kristol fights Steven Jay Gould at the Mountains of Madness

Irving Kristol would have you think there are some things, mainly evolutionary biology, that mankind was not ment to know. We’re talking Instrumentalism: the Vampire Slayer. I relocated, via a comment on Panda’s Thumb, a 1997 article from Reason, a Libertarian magazine, on the Conservative movement’s endorsement of various creationist doctrines such as ID. The [...]

Republicans for Voldemort Redux

Found in the nighly emailed summary of the stories the UK’s Channel Four plans to cover: From Florida, a new attempt by Governor Jeb Bush, brother of you-know-who, to exclude a great swathe of black voters from the electoral register in the State. He did it before and is trying to do it again, but [...]

Why Does Miskatonic University Hate America?

From some notes at Psuedopodium on Cheney feeling better. Given a newspaper or a cable network, Cthulu’d be an American hero.

The moral collapse of the Republican Party is complete

This is vile. So much for the vaunted integrity they claimed. I want to see these people in jail, doing hard time.

GOP starts their own Stalin cult

First the airport. Then the jihad against CBS’s counter-revolutionary thought. Now this. Soon we’ll have giant bronze statues of Reagan in every mall, and the Great Leader will review his troops and missiles rolling past Reagan’s Tomb every May Day on the National Mall.

Link Dump: There is No Secret Gender Cabal

As Ursula K. Le Guin says, “don’t be a Feminist, but.” Yes, You Are Part Two Feminism has no dress code, special diet, or secret handshake. [ thanks to Laurel ] On the du Toitification of the the American Conservative Teresa Nielsen Hayden The Philosopheraptor After a comparison of du Toit’s screed to a wet [...]

Gentlemen, start your parodies.

Simon reports that Shrub has a blog.

50 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Arnold

My state is about to elect an Austrian movie star into the Governorship. Even if he was the right person for the office, this should still give you pause. I blame celebrity culture. And it won’t surprise you that I’m voting against the recall, as well as both of the propositions on the ballot, and [...]

No one expects the Conservative worldview!

[ via The Esoteric Science Resource Center ] The bulleted list of defining characteristics of a political conservative, as proposed by a group of UCal researchers, reads like the script from the Spanish Inquisition skit: Fear and aggression Dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity Uncertainty avoidance Need for cognitive closure Terror management The researchers go on [...]

Bush and the Scientists

[ via Rafe ] The Bush Administration’s opportunistic treatment of science is not new, but the outcome of the GOP’s strategic choice not to woo scientists.

Freepers Stuffing Moveon Ballot Box

[ via Long Story, Short Pier ] Nathan Newman reports that the Freepers plan on stuffing the ballot box in MoveOn.org’s presidential preference poll. Their genius plan: register multiple addresses and vote for Reverend Sharpton. Well, it says a great deal about Freepers if they think voting for a black man is embarassing. The econony [...]