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Leopard Feeds Boo!

An unhappy discovery about feeds in Leopard. At Linden Lab we use an internal wiki, and I wanted to subscribe to the recent changes feed in Mail.app. The wiki uses HTTP authentication. When I tried updating the feed after I added it, instead of asking for my credentials, Mail threw an error dialog reporting that [...]

Leopard Feeds Yay!

A happy discovery this morning in Safari 3: Click on the poorly named ‘RSS’ button in the address bar and get a list of all the feeds available at the current URL. Torley, we need to talk about upgrading you to WordPress 2.3.

At least it didn’t involve a codpiece

Paul Ford: You know how the Iraq War solved 9/11? That’s how RSS 2.0 solved syndication.

Liveblogging Typhoon Fitow

Typhoon Fitow makes landfall soon, the eye coming ashore to the west of Tokyo. Cynthia and I have tickets for the Nozomi Shinkansen to Hiroshima tomorrow morning at 7. The typhoon’s track cuts across the main bullet train route, so our trip may be delayed. Right now we have heavy rain and wind, and many [...]

Use iWeb as a NetNewsWire Weblog Editor

An AppleScript to post the current item in Net News Wire as an iWeb blog entry. [ via Ranchero]

Teaching Tagging

Talk at TagCamp lead by Marshall Kirkpatrick People don’t tag multiples: Using tags like folders is like drawing Venn diagrams with no overlapping circles — possible, but so destructive of the value of the system as to make the effort pointless. — Clay Shirky Analogies LC subject headings apply as many as are appropriate for [...]

hAtom: or one less output format

David James has been working out a microformat version of Atom. Why? In Mark Pilgrim’s world of the future, where your web browser does more than just display HTML documents, it means that when you want to add a site to your aggregator, your aggregator wouldn’t look for an Atom feed. Instead it’d parse the [...]

Atom (0.3) to HTML

Two transforms for getting from Atom 0.3 to (x)HTML. Rich Manalang Aristotle Pagaltzis A little tweaking and they’d be ready for Atom 1.0.

Old Formats Die Hard

I restored a RSS 2.0 feed for More Like This using Feed Burner. There are plenty of people pointing at my old RSS feed. But the feed had been replaced with a script that was supposed to tell you that the feed was gone and to switch to the Atom feed. However, I also sent [...]


podornot is a weekend project in the Hot or Not genre. It serves up a random podcast in a player on the page, you rate it, you go to the next one.

Double Links in Atom Feed Fixed

I fixed a problem where my Smarty template was creating a link around an already existing link in my Atom feed. The Feed Validator didn’t catch it since it was in the XHTML.

Testing the Atom Rig

Net News Wire announced Atom 1.0 support on Thursday. I’ve been updating the feed, switching to tag: entry ids and generally futzing with the weblog. Please let me know if things aren’t working for you.

The Atomic Transition

Now that Atom is almost a standard, it’s time to make the change. The RSS feeds go away tonight. If you request them, you’ll get a 410 Gone and a stub entry telling you to switch to the Atom feed. Sam Ruby’s announced a timetable for transitioning from 0.3 to 1.0, and I plan to [...]

Internet Explorer 7 RSS Display

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

What’s in your feed?

Sam Ruby asks for the things readers want to see in a feed. My list: Source site URL of item Last Modified Title Author, if source site has multiple authors Full Markup of Entry