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From Font Design to Industrial Design

Gary Hustwit’s (Helvetica) new film considers industrial design, and features interviews with Jonathan Ive and other rock stars of stuff.

Undesigning the Emergency

Rough notes from Benjamin Bratton’s talk on design and terrorism at the 2009 ETech conference. In particular, he discusses the role of Twitter during the recent Mumbai terrorist attack. I wasn’t there to see the talk, but several folks were burbling about it on Twitter.

Mobile Maven

Jan Chipchase has one of the best jobs: traveling the world, and understanding how people use their mobiles. [via RC3.org]

Tony Wilson, 1950-2007

Thanks for the music. [via Nick Currie]

Information Software and the Graphical Interface

Bret Victor discusses the ideas behind his 2007 Apple Design Award winning BART schedule Dashboard Widget in his essay Magic Ink: Information Software and the Graphical Interface.

Gender WTF: I thought we were discussing the laptop?

I was forwarded today’s Gizmodo post about a Hello Kitty laptop. Most of the comments on the post are not about the merits of the laptop, but the woman holding up the laptop. WTF, gentlemen? You know there’s a conversation that could be had about marketing, and product design. For instance: how are those decorations [...]

Second Life Twitter

Twitter in Second Life uses a Rails proxy. [ via Yoz Grahame ]

BSG Corners: A theory

I have a theory. One of the production designers for the new Battlestar Galactica opened a shipment from Amazon, looked at the cardboard backing of their shrink-wrapped order, and went, “hum, I could do something with that.” ETA: in the comments, Joe D says that BSG producer Ron Moore slipped in the clipped corners as [...]

Folding UI

I just noticed a nice feature in Mint’s UI: When your browser is too narrow to reasonably display links to all the modules: It folds the links into a select:

iSight and Spimes

Mark Nottingham looks at a barcoded bottle of wine, and the iSight embedded in a MacBook and thinks, Safari should be smart enough to automatically navigate to a page with details for that bottle (e.g., a map of where it was produced, its winery, tasting notes, and similar wines). Hey, Mark, meet Bruce Sterling, who [...]

Blogher 06: People

A couple of long days (running from 8am to 11pm) at the San Jose Hyatt (which looks a bit like the late, lamented Hyatt Rickey’s) for Blogher. Met many people, and a non-exhaustive list would include: Elizabeth Perry She’s a technologist in Pittsburgh, a heavy duty city for technology (CMU, and the steel mills that [...]

The Party Vanguard goes Wireless

Cellphone Advertisement Originally uploaded by Ajax the Pirate. A mainland Chinese mobile phone company parodies official-Party propaganda posters in their ads.

What I really want to do is Director

Douglas Crockford: What a Flash intro says to me is ‘I hate my job. What I really want to do is make films. But they won’t let me do that because I don’t have talent. So watch this Flash intro.’

Unicode spaces

Unicode contains a whole menagerie of characters for spaces from wide to skinny. For example, you use the thin ones when setting initials. More useful punctuation in Unicode.

Clay Shirky’s Talk at Long Now Foundation

Clay Shirky gave a talk at the Long Now Foundation last Monday on “Making Digital Durable”. If you read Clay’s essays, most of this won’t be new, but it was nice to hear him pull several threads together. Things that jumped out at me “Classes of errors unrelated to the mode of production.” “Who can [...]