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You Knit What??

[ via Misha ] Friends don’t let friends knit ugly.

Late September 2005 Zeitgeist

Over in the comments at Making Light, writer Elizabeth Lynn wins the trifecta: I want to sit on Trent Lott’s porch and watch Tom DeLay being devoured by a giant squid. Annotating links added.

Hurricane Rita

I have friends and family from Houston to north of Dallas, so I’m worried. If the storm continues as projected, the storm will remain at hurricane strength for several hours after landfall. San Antonio, Austin, Waco, and Dallas could get knocked around, and plenty of parts of Dallas are on or near the flood plane [...]

Hard to tell what’s satire these days.

Many friends mistook the Robertson Blames Hurricane on Choice of Ellen Degeneres to Host Emmys article from the satire site Dateline Hollywood for fact. Can you blame them? After all, Robertson linked Katrina to abortion rights.

Katrina Housing Assistance

[ via Badgerbag ] The American Red Cross and Corporate Lodging Consultants are working on temporary housing in hotels for people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. If you’re from one of the zip codes in their list, ask the manager to use the Red Cross Special Transient Accommodations and Assistance Program. You’ll need a driver’s [...]

Disaster Chic

Lea has another comic on the Katrina disaster, this time on how the bloom’s come off Mayor Ray Nagin.

Save the Pretty Ones

Lea Hernandez has an idea on how to get resources to the poor quicker during the next disaster.

Some Good News out of New Orleans

Nevenah Smith’s an old friend who moved to New Orleans a few years ago. When hurricane Katrina turned towards Lousianna on Saturday, I asked if she was going to evacuate. Early Sunday morning she wrote that she, her boyfriend, their cats, and her computer were leaving. They arrived in Madison Sunday night, after driving straight [...]

The Basic Incident Command System

[ via Jim Macdonald ] The Incident Command System is the standard, scalable procedure for handling everything from a car wreck to a hurricane. FEMA has an online course.

The Bits Must Flow

directNIC, a New Orleans ISP, has decided to stay and keep their systems going, even as the Crescent City becomes a giant Wexelblat Disaster. They have diesel, water, food, and bullets. Update: unfortunately, it’s no longer funny. Badgerbag’s reading his recent posts. Really, just scp your customers’ data to new servers and get out of [...]


As Warren Ellis has all but threatened Americans who become too maudlin or jingoistic about the London bombings with locking us in a trunk hooked to an iPod playing Candle in the Wind on a loop, I’m editing this post. Instead, I’ll point to Ken MacLeod insulting the Al Qaeda fanboys who may or may [...]

Death by Gamma Ray Burst

Thanks Bruce, instead of worrying about Popes, terrorism, peak oil, or the Congress; I can lose sleep having realized that the heavens themselves may contain the seed of our undoing.

At least Clarion will respect you in the morning.

More from the Potlatch Auction for Clarion West: a copy of Atlanta Nights, as seen on Making Light, went for $69. Insert obvious joke here.

Bay Area Unites: Tsunami Relief Fundrasier

Bill Lazar passed along an announcement for an event raising money for the areas hit by the Boxing Day, 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami. The fundraiser, sponsored by Bay Area Unites, will be held at the HP Pavilion in San Jose on Sunday, February 20th from 2 to 5pm. The speakers and performers include: Bill Clinton [...]

A 2004 Best of the Year Post

Earth is really full of things. — The King of All Cosmos, in Katamari Damacy It’s New Year’s Eve, and I didn’t play as much Katamari Damacy or World of Warcraft over the holiday break as I wanted. I was working on this end of the year post. Here’s my stab at a ‘best of [...]