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Tomayko’s Law

To provide value on the internet, you must piss someone off. A clever idea. But I don’t know who Flickr and LiveJournal pissed off.

NetFlix competitors

[ via Backup Brain ] Jerry Kindall wants to know about your experience with NetFlix’s competitors WalMart and GreenCine. Rather than relying on the assumption that WalMart would censor their rental list to appease the Red States, I looked up a few items from my GreenCine queue to see what they carried. Tokyo Story: nope, [...]

iTunes Music Store RSS Generator

I learned from Bill Bumgarner that the iTunes Music Store now has RSS feeds. I’ll withhold comment on the markup, but hey, we have feeds.

Groovy, Baby

At least Bezos can fire the people who posted that photo…

Managing Your Netflix Queue? The Mix Counts

NYT writer Jonathan Glater overdosed on serious movies in his Netflix queue. Now that copy of the extended edition of Apocalpyse Now sits atop his TV mocking him to get over his depression and watch it. I’ve avoided the problem by running a 90% mix of ‘non-serious’ to ‘serious’ in my GreenCine queue. Of course, [...]

Covers Working Overtime

John Scalzi has a fine entry on iTMS. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I don’t know who Mandy Moore is. I’d never heard of her until John mentioned her cover of Joan Armatrading’s Drop the Pilot. So I fire up iTMS and look up her album Coverage. She sings Senses Working [...]

Glove Girl and the Prophylactic Disclaimer

I read Halley Suitt’s HBR case study on the anonymous blogger in a corporation, as well as the comments by Michael Weinberger, Pamela Samuleson, Ray Ozzie, and Erin Motameni. I pointed my management at the article. Then I put up a disclaimer for this site (look to your right.) Related: Phil’s comments on appropriate use [...]

Kaywa Launches

Kaywa, the Swiss mobile-weblogging/publishing venture has launched. Congrats, and good luck guys!

It’s not like *that* industry isn’t using DVD Studio Pro already…

Mac Edition imagines the next big move in Apple’s strategy. It’s all just bits, right?

Interesting Comments on the Apple Music Store

How ‘two phase’ commits of credit card transactions can allow for economically feasible micropayments. Sniffing packets. Maybe multiple stores, and distribution of Creative Commons license materials? Pros and Cons Summary of DRM restrictions on music from the Store.

Making Mistakes Well

Everyone needs to learn how to be graceful in failure. Web sites, lacking sapience and emotion, need much more help in this.

Google buys Blogger

Wowsers! Congrats to Ev and crew. And if there’s anything Google knows how to do, it’s build applications which scale to the size of the Web. And that’s going to help Blogger and Blogspot.

PNH makes a counteroffer to Salon’s deal

The best deal I’ve heard yet this year: So why should anyone give them $30 a year? Heck, for only $10 a year, I promise to give absolutely no money to David Horowitz or Camille Paglia. That’s a savings of TWO THIRDS! In other news, some 350 million Americans did not march in opposition to [...]

Leadership Secrets of Captain Ahab

A study on abusive managers finds that they don’t help the organization’s bottom line: Abusive managers, Kelly Zellars says, make subordinates less likely to go the extra mile. The underlings won’t speak well of the organization to outsiders, will be less likely to help co-workers, and more likely to kvetch over trivialities, not to mention [...]

Ringtones and Logos will be non-existent in 2005

[ via Fierce Wireless ] One research firm says that the market in pay-for-ringtones and logos will be dead by 2005. However, that market would had served the purpose of demonstrating people are willing to pay for content, but do we really need phones playing “My Heart will Go On”?