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All of the Hurt, None of the Comfort

I’ve recently learned that my nickname, which my friend Karen bestowed on me back in 1989, is a term of art in fan fiction. To ‘whump’ a character is to write a fic where awful things happen to him, often at the hands of other characters from the book/show/movie, after which everyone realizes they’ve done [...]


Cynthia and I went to the California Steampunk Convention this weekend. Wrist computer (non-functional) from Got Steam? In a recent piece for Fantasy Magazine, Stephen H. Segal wrote on why Steampunk is popular: It’s equal opportunity geekery for women and men. An aesthetic response to the glossy surfaces and clean lines of contemporary SF media [...]

Clearing the Tabs

Building a Calculator in Little Big Planet: am I intrigued enough to get a Playstation III? I don’t know, but there is a lot to be learned from the casual building tools in that game. Reviewing the premiere of the seventh, and last season of Firefly: now that’s fan fiction taken to the meta level. [...]

Robert Asprin

Sad news from Kevin Standlee, who just flew out to Cincinatti for MARCON. Robert Asprin, author of all those pun laden MythAdventures books about Skeeve and his demonic friend Aahz, died Friday. Asprin was to be MARCON’s author guest of honor. I’ll remember those books for Kelley Freas’ covers, which were as full of visual [...]

WisCon and LJ Panel

Hi. I normally do not post public entries here, but wanted to respond to kate_nepveu’s concerns about the “WisCon and Live Journal” panel.
As read, the panel description sounds rather wank-tastic, however, given the background of my co-panelists, I’m s…

“I’d eat the arse out of a dead mole if it offered a fighting chance.”

You may have heard that Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld books, recently learned he had early-onset Alzheimer’s. A couple of days ago, he gave the UK’s Alzheimer’s charity a half a million UKP donation. When Pat Cadigan, an expat American science fiction writer living in the UK, heard about that she kicked in a [...]

When Blogs Compete, Fandom Win

Looks like Charlie and Annalee are going to have some competition. Two science fiction blogs with great production values? Excellent.

Another Remembrance

Kate Schaefer on Anita Rowland: I was never clear about whether she believed in anything related to church except for the music and feeding the hungry; those seemed like enough.

Anita Rowland

Anita Roland at NorthernVoice in Vancouver, BC. Originally uploaded by roland. Back in 1999 and 2000, Anita Rowland helped bridge the online journaling and weblog communities, with her weblog and her journal, Anita’s Book of Days, she also helped run the Seattle Blogger Meetups. I met Anita through Science Fiction Fandom, especially Potlatch where she [...]

That +3 Crystal Ring of Arcane Knowledge

Liz Henry: If I were a computer manufacturer or a media conglomerate I’d be doing stuff like putting Buffy DVD collections onto fancy Buffy themed bracelets.

Ruby and Cafe Scifi+tique

You wouldn’t be surprised to meet Ruby enthusiasts at a Japanese science fiction convention. Shimura’s got embedded Ruby running in Illustrator. Press a button, and that evals to ’7′. The back story: Shimura’s part of Cafe Scifi+tique, a performance event put together by Japanese science fiction fans to invert and parody the creepy ‘maid cafe’ [...]

Nausica’s Glider

Some people write fan fiction. Others do fan engineering.

A Pun and Some Japanese Fanish History

Dai means big, as in the Daibutsu. Con is short for “convention,” as in science fiction conventions. That’s why the gentleman in the photo has a giant radish on the back of his tunic. In 1983, at Daicon 4, a group of animators premiered a fan video. The over the top sequence introduced several visual [...]


Fuji TV and Adobe are doing something in conjunction with the Nippon 2007 WorldCon. I don’t know the details, but their site launches on Thursday the 30th (Japan Time.)

Off to Japan

Cynthia and I are off to Japan for the Worldcon.