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Blogging Verisimilitude

Cynthia and I watched Julie and Julia last Saturday, and I enjoyed it. However, in the scene where Julie, annoyed by her friends and depressed with her job, decides to start a blog* she goes to a web page with Salon and Blogger branding. I turn to Cynthia and whisper, “I’m certain that Salon was [...]

Planet Alyx’s Sweet Potato Tofu Hash

It’s cold out, and you want filling, comfortable food, but something somewhat healthy. It’s fall and there are root vegetables in abundance. I like planetalyx’s recipe, with some modifications (the addition of carrots improves many things, not all, but many): Take a couple of small sweet potatoes or yams, or one big one, peel and [...]

Mark’s Tarte Tatin

Mark Bernstein described how he makes tarte tatine yesterday. And that prompted me to get some apples and puff pastry from the market. Simple to make, and delicious. Leftover tart for breakfast, I think. Next time I’ll remember to puncture the pastry with a fork so all the caramelized apple, sugar, and butter can soak [...]

Sapporo Keyaki Ramen

There’s a ramen museum in Yokohama. You don’t go for the musuem, but for the ramen shops. The basement’s set up as an arcade in the fashion of 1950′s Tokyo. The best noodle shops in Japan have branches set up here. You buy a ticket from a machine by the entrance to a shop, hand [...]

whumpdotcom @ 2007-06-18T17:42:00

I need a good image of the end result that I can upload as a texture to Second Life, so I can build a bacon shack.

Wafu Spaghetti

Wafu Spaghetti: a Japanese interpretation of Italian pasta

Things I didn’t Know

Mark Bernstein discovers that Tiger has a file with the Language of Flowers. So Cyn should hurry up and get her own PowerBook so she knows what those Peach Blossoms are about. However, the file lives in a path that Spotlight doesn’t index. Tim Bray learns that Bubble Tea is a recent phenomena. I recommend [...]

Food and Drink Notes

A friend gave me a bottle of the 2002 Morambro Creek Padthaway Shiraz on Boxing Day. I opened it for Valentine’s: lovely, fruity, and chocolately. Around $14/bottle. Get more of this. Rio Adobe on DeAnza at Prospect. Better than the ‘upscale’ carry-out places like Chipolte and Baja Fresh. Yesterday they had green chile pork stew. [...]

Jiangsu Journal

I met Ben Kite when I worked at OnRadio back in 1999. He was our systems admin, and a gangly, hyperactive polymath. Rumor had it he was asked to leave rabbinical school for arguing too much with his teachers. Now Ben lives in China, where he’s teaching English in a school outside of Shanghai, and [...]

Geek Dinner

Last Friday was the Geek Dinner in Mountain View. Andy Freeman, Cynthia Gonsalves, myself, Vivian and Bill Lazar, and Dan Lyke (who came all the way down from the North Freakin’ Bay) enjoyed a lovely meal at Cafe Yulong. Dan’s suggesting another South Bay get together, so if you know of another group-friendly place, let [...]

Notes on food and drink

Badger said I must blog the Urbock from Namibia Breweries, Windhoek, Namibia: a rich, dark bock with a strong chocolately flavor. Amazing stuff. Following my friend Peg’s recipe, I made Avocado Ice Cream: Puree the flesh of three ripe avocados with 1.5 cups of whole milk. Add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, a half [...]

The Non-tridecaphobic Geek Dinner: Mountain View, August 13th

It’s been awhile since Jeremy Zawodny organized a Geek Dinner. Bill Lazar suggested throwing one in Mountain View before the end of Summer. You’re invited to join Bill and I at Cafe Yulong, on Dana Street between Hope and Castro, at 7pm on Friday, August 13th (yeah, yeah, we’re not tridecaphobic.) To RSVP, send a [...]


The Mercury News reviews my favorite Sushi place in the Valley. It’s four blocks from my office (and five minutes from Cynthia’s new gig.) if you’re visiting and want to meet up for dinner, I’d recommend Kitsho.

You will also probably want to create a .costenarc file, to define your burrito macros in.

There’s a video making the rounds of a bunch of MIT kids who wrote a command line program to order pizza. This is not a new thing. Back when Adobe Systems was in Mountain View, the engineers wrote burrito a command line program which created a Postscript file describing a burrito and faxed it to [...]

Bakesales aren’t Just for Literary Awards

Dammit, I forgot the MoveOn Bakesale for Democracy happens tomorrow. If you want to sponsor a bake sale, you’ll find the Tiptree Award HOWTO useful.