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Links for Labor Day Weekend

If this is a long weekend for you, I’m hoping you’re enjoying it. Julie Gomoll’s had it with twitter/facebook/social-media spam from people pitching their South by Southwest panel proposals. The best lessons on marketing from Second Life come from the people who are creating fashion, gadgets, and other things inworld. Learn from them. Your employees [...]

Baby’s got Hack (cough)

Catherynne M. Valente’s Baby’s Got Hack is to Sir Mixalot, what Rent was to La Bohème. What’s with that obsession with beautiful, yet doomed women and TB?

Ten Subtle Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Strata found a checklist of ten signs that your cat might be sick.

Anita Rowland

Anita Rowland’s health took a bad turn. The cancer she fought off a few years ago has returned. Anita’s been active in weblogs and online-journals since the beginning, and she’s a keystone of the Seattle weblog community. I met her through Science Fiction fandom and Potlatch. Please keep Anita and Jack in your thoughts.

Bulimia killed Terri Schiavo

Several folks recommended a Live Journal entry commenting on a clueless New Yorker article about Terri Schiavo’s bulimia. Sorry to be joining a weblog chorus, but folks, this is what killed Ms. Schiavo. When she tried to lose weight by throwing up what she had for dinner, she set herself up for the heart attack [...]

Helping Correct Google

To counter some misleading results in Google: Roe v. Wade abortion Link

Atkins Saves Pork Rinds

When one of my coworkers, who eats healthier than I, walks into the office with a couple of bags of pork rinds, I was puzzled. Then he says the magic words: “no carbs.” Oh, it’s Atkins food… I told him about a scary product my friend Evan, back in Madison, found at a Anything’s a [...]

Depression, Stress and Brain Damage

We already know that constant stress is bad for you. It’s also related to depression. In a radio interview, Dr. Robert Sapolsky explains the linkages between stress, depression, and damage to the hippocampus. [ Real Player ]

Turning Teenagers into ‘Useful Idiots’

Under a steady barrage of conservative propaganda and doublespeak, American teenagers have allowed themselves to be lead down the garden path. [ NYT Login Required ]

Why is abortion a uniquely American controversy?

The Economist argues that the uniquely American controversy over abortion was born out of the manner the procedure was legalized throughout the country: Roe v. Wade. Most European countries have liberalised their abortion laws since the 1970s, and in almost every case that was enough to settle the debate. Europeans went about legalisation through new [...]

Medical School Introduces Innovative Curriculum

[ via Laura V. ] From Q Fever, the Medical Humor Site, a new teaching program from Canada: Dubbed “Not-My-Problem-Based Learning”, the new curriculum approach confronts young doctors with clinical dilemmas, therapeutic conundrums, and ethical challenges, and then shows them how to weasel their way out of trouble by dumping the issues on colleagues.

Rate, not Rhythm may be key to Common Heart Problem

My Dad has had an arhytmia for years. Last summer when he was seen at hospital for a back problem, the on-call cardiologist decided that by-gosh, he was going to have it fixed. My father, a gentle and kind-hearted man, decided to play along. He was put on blood-thinners in preparation for applying an electrical [...]

Health care at the margin: the case of Tanzania

This week’s Economist reports the results of pilot projects in two rural areas of Tanzania where health aid dollars were allocated, and treatment and intervention strategies developed on the basis of what health problems facing the people in the districts. Treatment and prevention strategies started with low cost methods with great returns, such as insectide [...]

Someone sent Clinton salmonella — but that is not the name of a metal band…

R. Emmett Tyrell Jr., Rush Limbaugh, Ken Starr, and the rest of the vast, right-wing industry will need to demonstrate they’ve been washing their hands. Why? Someone mailed ex-President Clinton some vials full of salmonella bacteria.

Anthrax used in letter attacks is a domestic strain

The headline of the article claims that the Feds are linking the Anthrax letters to al Qaida. But reading further reveals that the anthrax used in the attacks was of domestic origin. The investigation has linked FBI agents and scientists in a race to find who sent the letters. Federal scientists examining the anthrax used [...]