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Spatial Hypertext in Second Life

Peter Miller’s StoryMachine is a 3D spatial hypertext system (like Tinderbox) for Second Life. It’s been hooked up to TiddlyWiki, and the creators are looking at how to make it work with the new HTTP-in (every prim a server) functions in LSL so you can update the StoryMachine instance from outside of Second Life.

‘The 21 Steps’

The 39 Steps, retold using Google Maps and KML to narrate a frantic chase across London and Edinburgh, and designed by Adrian Hon and associates.

As We May Link

Fermilab Beam Jockey Bill Higgins reminds me that since The Atlantic Monthly have opened their archives, I can now link to a good copy of Vannevar Bush’s legendary article “As We May Think.” Doug Engelbart’s famous demo is on Google Video. Now if Ted Nelson would put Computer Lib on the web, we’d have three [...]