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Update: TokyoPop rethinks 100% Ownership Contracts

Back in October, I mentioned a controversy over Manga publisher TokyoPop taking 100% of creator rights in contracts. Lea Hernandez reports that the head of TokyoPop’s parent, Seven Seas, rethought the matter and offered full creator rights. Publishers Weekly has more coverage.

A Short History of the Amen Break

[ via Scott Reynen ] A short history of the Amen Break: six seconds of drumming from 1969 now heard everywhere.

Hurting Comics, Keeping Creator Rights

In the wake of a heated discussion about manga publisher TokyoPop, Lea Hernandez advises young artists to keep 100% of their rights in their works. ETA permalink to Lea’s column.

iPod Residuals

WGAW claims higher pay TV, not DVD rate applies to residuals for writers on episodes sold through iTMS. [ Subscription Required ]

Box Office Patents

Ow, patenting movie treatments, what a colossally horrid idea.

CC License Change

If you find this post in a blog about Witch Hunter Robin, boxes, or Moen faucets, then that must mean it’s been republished by a keyword-driven spam blog in violation of the license under which this site and its Atom feed are published. Effective immediately, this Weblog is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

‘Tis the Season: China Miéville’s Christmas Number

China Miéville refuses to “privatize” Christmas in a short story for the December Socialist Review. It’s a heartwarming mixture of trademark law gone mad (Cory and Karl, take note) and a good, old fashioned riot on the High Streets of London. Ivy decorations you can still get away with; holly’s a no-no but I’d hoarded [...]

Dead Sea Googling

Bill Higgins describes a technique to reconstruct the contents of a web page, behind a pay or registration wall, through Google searches for fragments of the piece cited elsewhere. He calls the technique Dead Sea Googling in honor of biblical scholars, fed up with the refusal to publish by the clerics who had custody of [...]

We may be on the verge of nothing important: Notes from Sterling’s Long Now Talk

At last, a week late, my notes. Bruce Sterling does not worry about a Vingean Singularity that renders humankind a powerless annoyance to transcendent artificial intelligences. Instead he worries about plain old human-driven technological change and nasty WMDs. Cynthia and I drove up to the City to hear Bruce Sterling’s lecture for the Long Now [...]

Glove Girl and the Prophylactic Disclaimer

I read Halley Suitt’s HBR case study on the anonymous blogger in a corporation, as well as the comments by Michael Weinberger, Pamela Samuleson, Ray Ozzie, and Erin Motameni. I pointed my management at the article. Then I put up a disclaimer for this site (look to your right.) Related: Phil’s comments on appropriate use [...]

Perens on SCO’s Claims

Bruce Perens refutes SCO’s claims that Linux and IBM violated their IP.

Discouraging Image Thieves Again

Watch this space. Dan Hon’s planning something quite amusing for the bandwidth thief. This has nothing to do with the politics of the thief, just that she’s obvious to some basic mechanics of bandwidth and HTTP, and ignored requests to not link to Dan’s image. Related to this is the story that CGI.pm creator Leonard [...]

Software Archeology and the Copyright Police

Saving old software is harder you’d think, since making backups from obsolete to modern media may be a federal crime. Programming gurus Grady Booch and Ward Cunningham teamed up with archivist Brewster Kahle to lobby the copyright custodians so that the elegant code of the past doesn’t become an inert diskette that no one can [...]

GIF Freedom Day. Wee.

Unisys’ LZW compression patent, i.e.: the patent on GIF, expired today, at least in the States. At least you can write software to manipulate GIFs without worrying about the royalties.

Interesting Comments on the Apple Music Store

How ‘two phase’ commits of credit card transactions can allow for economically feasible micropayments. Sniffing packets. Maybe multiple stores, and distribution of Creative Commons license materials? Pros and Cons Summary of DRM restrictions on music from the Store.