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Programming Languages as Literary Genres

Python is science fiction, Java is literary fiction, and Ruby on Rails is store-bought steampunk goggles*. Cynthia emailed me about Cat Valente’s funny post about programming languages as literary genres this morning. Liz Henry has a write-up too. * for the record, my steampunk goggles were bought off of Etsy.

GPLed Java

Woah. Sun has decided to open source Java. I hope we can look on this five years from now, and remark that freeing Java was one of the best things Sun did.

A Spectrum of Complexity in Class Design

Todd Ditchendorf pointed out a disagreement between Martin Fowler and Elliott Rusty Harold on class design. Fowler appreciates all 78 methods in Ruby’s array class. Much of an object’s strength lies in its behavior, not its data. If you only try to provide the minimum, you end up with multiple clients duplicating code for common [...]

Extreme 05

I’m at Extreme Markup Languages all this week. Elliot Rusty Harold and Simon St Laurent have been blogging the conference in full. Here’s the presentations that grabbed me so far. ERH showed us a tool, written in Java, for ofuscating an instance of XML so you can send it to someone as a test case [...]

UrlRewriteFilter for Servlets

[ via Russell Beattie ] UrlRewrite rewrites URL requests coming to your servlet engine like mod_rewrite does for Apache.

Zombie afternoon.

Zombies chase Christ out of Box Office Zombies v. Puny Humans Zombies v. Humans who fight back Zombies v. Humans, but you have an endless supply of tactical nukes Online Retailing for Zombies Zombies need friendship too. Note: 2 – 4 require Java.

Erik’s Linkblog

Erik Thauvin’s linkblog has moved.

Apache Cocoon Recipes

Oleg Dulin’s new site covers methods and tips for building applications with Apache Cocoon.

Time on Mars

Mars24 is a Martian Sunclock, displaying what parts of the planet are in light, and what’s in shadow.

Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application

Using the iText library from a servlet to deliver PDF files.

Cocoon’s Competitors

From the Cocoon Wiki, a list of open source and proprietary projects similar to Apache Cocoon. From that list, mod_murka looks neat. It looks for a cached HTML version of the request URI, and if it’s not found, looks for the .xml file, transforms it using whatever stylesheet’s mentioned in the file’s processing instruction, and [...]

The Interactive Way To Go

The Interactive Way To Go is a introduction to the game, translated into several languages. The rules and basic concepts of strategy are introduced through Java applets embedded throughout the site. Some of the applets walk you through play, while others present trivial and non-trivial puzzles where you’ll need to figure out how to keep [...]

A CMS with WebDAV and Cocoon

Guido Casper wrote a how-to for the Cocoon Wiki on creating a Content Management System using Coocon and WebDAV: no additional Java needed. It’s just configuration.

Taking liberties on the Kiseido Go Server

Kisedo, a publisher of books on Go, runs a Go server. You install a client using Java Web Start, connect to the server, pick a room or a club area, then start a game with someone on the server. While I was in the desert last weekend (okay, staying in an air conditioned condo doesn’t [...]

CocoonWiki: MailBodyViaPipeline

With help from Christian Haul, I wrote a little how-to on including the results of a separate processing pipeline in the body of an email message sent using Cocoon’s sendmail logicsheet.