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JQuery is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Recreating the .Mac/MobileMe gallery using JQuery and CSS. [ via Fozbaca ]


I’m happy to see my friend and former coworker Peter Bergström getting some nice press for his work. He’s using the Sproutcore framework, SVG and Canvas. It’s a visualization of academic citation networks, extending on work he did as an undergraduate at UCSC, for his Masters thesis at Santa Clara University: Demo Movie and Demo [...]

The Unitarian Jihad Name Generator is Back from Hiatus

The Committee is taking applications for names one again.

Dispelling Some Confusion Over SproutCore

While SproutCore uses Ruby to generate static HTML and JavaScript files, you are not tied to Ruby or Rails in production. SproutCore runs in the browser, your production system can use whatever backend you want, as long as it sends JSON to the browser. When I was using an early version of SproutCore to build [...]

Can you trust document.location?

Maybe JavaScript needs a same-origin rule for document.location. [ via Simon Willison ]

Gallery Kudos

CNet’s Webware listed the revamped .Mac Gallery as one of their top ten site redesigns of 2007. However, after working on it, I do not want to go to Mammoth Lake, ever. [Thanks, Josh.]


A hybrid of HERE docs and literate programming, Doctest is a standard library feature of Python that uses the interactive shell to run tests. Ian Bicking has a JavaScript version that runs in FireFox.

SproutCore and Web Gallery

The .Mac Web Gallery announced this morning was our team’s secret project these past few months. To build this, we used a JavaScript MVC framework, SproutCore, that Charles Jolley, another member of our team, started before coming to Apple. And yes, I know I’m contributing to the proliferation of cat photos on the Web. One [...]

iPhone for Web Developers

Apple developer documentation for iPhone web applications. [via Simon Willison]

Information Software and the Graphical Interface

Bret Victor discusses the ideas behind his 2007 Apple Design Award winning BART schedule Dashboard Widget in his essay Magic Ink: Information Software and the Graphical Interface.

wp-cron and Widgets

So, about this widgets-considered-harmful-business that Jeremy and Shelley discussed. The obvious desperate web programmer solution is to set up a cron job that drops off a pile of XML and JSON in a cache. But that doesn’t help the 90% of people out there who don’t want to learn the shell, PHP, or JavaScript in [...]

Three Great Things from 2006

Three things that worked great during 2006: 24 Hours, The Kleptones 2200 The Underground Hand That Buttoned The Widow was my most played track of 2006, according to iTunes. WriteRoom, Hog Bay Software I joined a short story a week writing group in 2006. WriteRoom allowed me to clear my desktop and focus on writing [...]

The Ultimate Sidebar

It’s been said there are only three core plots in Science Fiction: what if, if only, and if this goes on.


Tim Bray has the right take on the JSON/XML kerfluffle.

The Monkey’s Already Gone to the Airport

Todd Ditchendorf, commenting on the rising popularity of JSON: But here’s hoping no one takes JSON seriously as a general-purpose data interchange format. We already have one of those. And it’s better. And it has TONS of great tools and ubiquitous platform support built around it. Too late. According to Mark Nottingham, Robert Cerny’s proposed [...]