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On Word Processing

Nathan Young: Using word is much easier than using emacs… but using word and keeping it from breaking things is about as hard as using emacs.

SQLite Database Browser

A free (beer + source) browser for SQLite databases: Mac/Win/Unix

Internet Explorer 7 RSS Display

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I’m Clicking On The Gun

An Ok/Cancel comic from last year provides a comment on John Grubner’s gripes about Linux usablity. The missing fourth panel should have ESR explaining that if everyone were armed, Open Source Software would be usable due to the threat of retribution by disgruntled users.

Word to XHTML again

Don Box announces he has an XSLT transform that converts a Word XML file to SOAP and XHTML. So post the widget already, but not as an .exe file. Kind of useless for that cross-platform niceness. Link

Open Source and Outsourcing

I want to gently respond to Robert Scoble’s post about offshoring and Open Source: I find it ironic that Slashdot is worrying about offshoring of programming. These are the same folks who cheer everytime a country like Israel or China chooses to go with free software over software written in America that costs money. Nice [...]

Port80 and Netcraft: Who’s right? Neither.

Chris Neppes, over at Port80 Software, sent me a heads up on their monthly survey of what web server software the top 1,000 corporations use. They’re promoting the survey in response to some gloating by the Apache folks about their 63.98% share in the August 2003 Netcraft Survey. Port80 looked at the response headers from [...]


Bookmarking this download of a style sheet to transform WordProcessingML to XML so I can get on a Windows computer and run the .exe file to get the bloody XML file out of it. Anyone from MS reading this? Please put up a ZIP file.

Office Word XML: First Impressions

I had an “oop, ack” reaction reading the documentation for the Microsoft Office Word XML format the Danes posted yesterday. Read the section on formatting text: WordML defines a run to represent some sequence of text within a paragraph. Inside the run, you turn text decoration on an off with semaphores. Instead of: <w:r> <w:t><w:b>Hello [...]

Link Dump: There is No Secret Gender Cabal

As Ursula K. Le Guin says, “don’t be a Feminist, but.” Yes, You Are Part Two Feminism has no dress code, special diet, or secret handshake. [ thanks to Laurel ] On the du Toitification of the the American Conservative Teresa Nielsen Hayden The Philosopheraptor After a comparison of du Toit’s screed to a wet [...]


I get occasional questions from people reading my A List Apart article on mod_rewrite looking for an equivalent module for IIS. Another reader had found one back in 2000, and here’s another: Port 80 Software’s PageXchanger is a plugin for Microsoft’s IIS that provides mod_rewrite and mod_negotiation functionality.

IE/Mac Goes Away

Tantek announces the end of Internet Explorer for Macintosh as a standalone package. The browser will live on as part of the MSN client for Mac OS. Back in the late 20th Century, I received an email from CSS guru Todd Fahrner asking if I’d played with IE5 for Mac yet. I had, and it [...]

The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint

In which Professor Tufte addresses the tyrany of PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office 2003 and XML

Simon St. Laurent linked a recent presentation he gave on XML in Office 11 from his Advogato journal. A couple of takeaways: XSLT will become even more important. Since InfoPath is not going to be part of the standard version of Office, the Open Source community and other Microsoft competitors have a huge opening to [...]

More on Microsoft Office and XML

At xmlhack, Eric van der Vlist covers Jean Paoli’s presentation at XML 2002 on XML support in MS Office.