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There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen at The Paramount TheaterI don’t know if there will be evenings like this again.Posted via LiveJournal.app.

Magnatune Streams for Second Life

[ via AM Radio ] Magnatune provides several royalty-free streams you can use on your Second Life (and I would guess OpenSim) parcels.

Musical Interludes

A mention of Brian Eno results in three out of five people in the car breaking out in a chorus of Backwater.

This was a triumph

Friday night Cynthia took me to see geek troubadour Jonathan Coulton play a show in San Francisco. The tickets were my birthday present. You might recall that he wrote the closing theme for Portal, the popular game about cake, companion cubes, interesting guns, and mad computers. At least here, the cake was not a lie. [...]

Holiday Favorites Updated for your Pleasure

Now I know who wrote God Rest Ye, Unitarians, it was the Rev. Christopher Gist Raible of the First Unitarian Church of Worcester. Since my copy of the lyric is (as of this writing) the top result in Google for “god rest ye unitarians,” I’m glad I now have the correct attribution.

The Geeks Go Marching On!

Tim Bray has a sensible approach to Yodobashi Camera. Go in the morning on a weekday with a goal in mind. During our trip last August, Cynthia and I visted the Yodobashi in Akihabara on an early Saturday evening. But then, we were on vacation, our time was our own, and the packed mob scene [...]

Michael Shermer at TED

Michael Shermer talks about crop circles, science, Galileo, Led Zepplin, and Kylie Minogue at the TED Confrence in Monterey, February of 2006. A funny, snappy introduction to skepticism.

Tony Wilson, 1950-2007

Thanks for the music. [via Nick Currie]

“The Ha├žienda must be built”

[via imomus] Tony Wilson, the Manchester TV producer and music impresario who founded Factory Records, has died from a heart attack.I learned about the Manchester scene too late for Ian Curtis’ Joy Division, but played the hell out of my New Order reco…

Two Vids via the SkaRat

High Contrast Two Tone:If Yoko Kanno’s Vespa ran over The Articles:Frack, they are playing a gig while I’m in Japan, but it’s in Nagoya. But their first US album comes out next week, so I’ve pre-ordered it.

Just Another Village of the Damned

While I was not exactly the audience they had in mind, three things in Hot Fuzz made me smile: Desk sergeant reading a Iain Banks novel. Pub playing Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me). Skellingtons reference. Dana Stevens has the best summary of the movie: Hot Fuzz is like an Agatha Christie novel directed [...]

Advice from Dick Dale

Control the rights to your music. Imagine if Johnny Cash could had sold his music via iTunes or eMusic at the start of his career. [ via Lea Hernadez, who controls the rights to her comics. ]

“Four basestars were approaching, the DRADIS began to howl.”

Battlestar Galactica series composer Bear McCreary on adapting All Along the Watchtower for the season three cliffhanger.

Three Great Things from 2006

Three things that worked great during 2006: 24 Hours, The Kleptones 2200 The Underground Hand That Buttoned The Widow was my most played track of 2006, according to iTunes. WriteRoom, Hog Bay Software I joined a short story a week writing group in 2006. WriteRoom allowed me to clear my desktop and focus on writing [...]

TMDR Rides Again

Nostalgia ho! Thomas Dolby released a live album from his recent solo tour. When I saw him play back in 1985, in support of The Flat Earth, he had an engineer offstage managing a rack of computers (who he brought out and introduced during the show.) Shows you how far kit has come in the [...]