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The Early Days of a Better Metaverse

It’s been nearly a year since I left Apple to come work for Linden Lab, and I haven’t said much about what I’ve been up to. This quarter, I’ve stepped away from programming to manage the Open Grid Public Beta program: the first step towards breaking out of the walled garden of virtual worlds. In [...]

SproutCore and Web Gallery

The .Mac Web Gallery announced this morning was our team’s secret project these past few months. To build this, we used a JavaScript MVC framework, SproutCore, that Charles Jolley, another member of our team, started before coming to Apple. And yes, I know I’m contributing to the proliferation of cat photos on the Web. One [...]

On Word Processing

Nathan Young: Using word is much easier than using emacs… but using word and keeping it from breaking things is about as hard as using emacs.


[ via Jesse James Garrett ] Google released an XSLT engine, written in JavaScript, under a BSD license. Yesterday, in a grump about PHP, Jens Alfke remembered that web servers used to ship with client side JavaScript. That reminded me it’d be nice if there was a decent XPath library in JavaScript. See also: Whitebeam [...]

A Week in Firefox

I’m so used to working in Safari, that I need a change. So for the next seven days, I’m using Firefox as my primary browser. The LiveHTTPHeaders extension prompted me to try this. However, it’s not on the Firefox extensions site, and I had to go digging.

I’m Clicking On The Gun

An Ok/Cancel comic from last year provides a comment on John Grubner’s gripes about Linux usablity. The missing fourth panel should have ESR explaining that if everyone were armed, Open Source Software would be usable due to the threat of retribution by disgruntled users.

Squeezebox Praise

I’m happy to report that I love my Squeezebox, the wireless music player that plugs into my stereo and streams music from my home network. The new version of the server software now plays all the tracks I had ripped in AAC format (which was almost all my Yoko Kanno) so I now can listen [...]

Open Source and Outsourcing

I want to gently respond to Robert Scoble’s post about offshoring and Open Source: I find it ironic that Slashdot is worrying about offshoring of programming. These are the same folks who cheer everytime a country like Israel or China chooses to go with free software over software written in America that costs money. Nice [...]

Port80 and Netcraft: Who’s right? Neither.

Chris Neppes, over at Port80 Software, sent me a heads up on their monthly survey of what web server software the top 1,000 corporations use. They’re promoting the survey in response to some gloating by the Apache folks about their 63.98% share in the August 2003 Netcraft Survey. Port80 looked at the response headers from [...]

Fun with Directed Graphs

First download AT&T’s GraphViz software. Use the Pathalizer to see how users traverse your site. Download your Live Journal friends in dot file format and build a map of your social network.

Cocoon’s Competitors

From the Cocoon Wiki, a list of open source and proprietary projects similar to Apache Cocoon. From that list, mod_murka looks neat. It looks for a cached HTML version of the request URI, and if it’s not found, looks for the .xml file, transforms it using whatever stylesheet’s mentioned in the file’s processing instruction, and [...]

Picfolio HTML gallery tool

[ via xmlhack ] Picfolio looks pretty cool for managing photo pages. It’s another XSLT tool. This one dives into a directory tree of images, generating an XML file describing them. It can also pull any metadata inserted by your camera into the document. Then you can apply an XSLT transform to generate a static [...]

XMLNuke Content Management System

XMLNuke is an XML/XSLT content management tool. The authors have written versions for PHP as well as C#.

Perens on SCO’s Claims

Bruce Perens refutes SCO’s claims that Linux and IBM violated their IP.

There is No Swiss Open Source Software Cabal

Marc Liyanage, who works on the popular distributions of MySQL and PHP for Mac OS came by the Apple Campus Tuesday. David Gleason and I met him for lunch. David’s group and my group use Marc’s PHP module in our day to day work. We’re glad that Marc’s helping to support web developers on the [...]