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Periodic Table of the Operators

Mark Lentczner’s updated the Periodic Table of the Operators for Perl 6. At some point, Perl 6 might be done. That will be an apocalypse, alright.

Programming Languages as Literary Genres

Python is science fiction, Java is literary fiction, and Ruby on Rails is store-bought steampunk goggles*. Cynthia emailed me about Cat Valente’s funny post about programming languages as literary genres this morning. Liz Henry has a write-up too. * for the record, my steampunk goggles were bought off of Etsy.

Ephemeral Line Noise

Liz Henry: A reg exp is a thing of beauty but it is not a joy forever.

Weblog Tool Bakeoff

Rafe’s looking at weblog management systems. He started with WordPress, and was asked to try out Moveable Type too. Now he’s set up Moveable Type, WordPress, S9Y, and Textpattern. I’m interested in his opinion because I’m weighing moving this weblog to one of those systems, or moving everything to Live Journal where I have a [...]

Language Wars

I’m a little bothered by all the sniping between the various scripting language camps: Lisp bashes Python, Perl bashes PHP, everyone bashes Java. But anyone can walk up, hand $10 to a hosting company, and start serving PHP + MySQL applications. If you want to run Perl, Python, Ruby or anything else, you need to [...]

Periodic Table of the Operators

My girlfriend the chemist thought Mark Lentczner’s periodic table of Perl 6 Operators was a hoot.

Sharing the Load in Movable Type: Some Speculation

I think you need at least two servers to run Moveable Type in a shared environment. Note: this is idle Sunday afternoon speculation. Why: because the more posts you have, the more work there is to update all the static files in reaction to a change (new post, edit post, trackback, comment.) More weblogs on [...]

Why use an existing toolset when you can rewrite your old one from scratch?

[ via Need To Know ] I was impressed with the rationale for a Lisp to Perl compiler: Also, because I could and because it was fun. I have used it succesfully for a fairly large project at work involving translating XML from one form to another. Um, he does know there’s already a perfectly [...]

Sei Shonagon’s Live Journal

Simon Cozens, a programmer, preacher, and translator, took Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book, documenting 10th Century CE life in the Japanese Court, and translated it as if it were written in the style of a young woman’s Live Journal: [ From things that piss Shonagon off ] When someone gets ill and you call the exorcist [...]

The 2003 Perl Advent Calendar

It’s December, and time for the 2003 Perl Advent Calendar.

MailMan RSS feeds

More on mail to RSS: Justin Mason wrote a perl script to scrape a MailMan archive page and get RSS out the other side.

Cocoon’s Competitors

From the Cocoon Wiki, a list of open source and proprietary projects similar to Apache Cocoon. From that list, mod_murka looks neat. It looks for a cached HTML version of the request URI, and if it’s not found, looks for the .xml file, transforms it using whatever stylesheet’s mentioned in the file’s processing instruction, and [...]

XML data round-tripping with Relax and HTML forms

Simon Woodside’s Alexandra demonstrates getting data from an XML document into a HTML form, and updating the original document. It’s built to run on AxKit, but ought to be adaptable to run under Cocoon. He’s using Relax NG as the schema language because a Relax document is an XML document, and Relax, unlike XML Schema [...]

Keynote and Perl

On hacking Keynote’s XML files with Perl.


From the 2002 Perl Advent Calendar: WWW::Mechanize. It’s a module that builds on LWP and provides a browser-like interface. No Buffy examples this time, the author digs into the Internet Movie Database and Grosse Point Blank instead.