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Programming Languages as Literary Genres

Python is science fiction, Java is literary fiction, and Ruby on Rails is store-bought steampunk goggles*. Cynthia emailed me about Cat Valente’s funny post about programming languages as literary genres this morning. Liz Henry has a write-up too. * for the record, my steampunk goggles were bought off of Etsy.

iphone-viewport-meta 0.8.1

Updated version of the WordPress plugin for optimizing the display of blogs on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now scrolls the location bar out of the way after page load, but does not conflict with links to named anchors on the page. From a suggestion by Donny Cruce.

iPhone Viewport Meta now on wordpress.org

I’ve taken advantage of wordpress.org’s hosting and subversion repository. So the iPhone Viewport Meta plugin for WordPress is now hosted there.

iPhone Viewport Meta Plugin for WordPress

Get the plugin from wordpress.org. Update 4: Plugin now hosted at wordpress.org. Update 3: New version with support for viewport constants, and iPod Touch. Update 2: James Craig points out that the ID attribute is not allowed in the META element, so I’ve updated the plugin. Update: I should add what my aim is. Rather [...]

Scheduling in WordPress

Glenn Slaven has a write up on using the cron hooks in WordPress.

Upgrading WordPress

I’ve upgraded More Like This to WordPress 2.0.6 this morning. You’ll want Mark Jaquith’s patch, fixing a problem with 304 Not Modified responses, to keep from breaking aggregators.

Atom Bank Shot

I installed the experimental Atom Publishing Protocol Server in in my local WordPress test install. Posted a entry using curl to talk to WordPress. Used hAtom2Atom.xsl to grab the embedded hAtom from the Sandbox themed blog. Read the posted entry in NetNewsWire. Round trip.

Atom Publishing Protocol for WordPress

My webhost doesn’t run PHP 5 so I can’t experiment with Elias Torres’ APP client for WordPress here. I was able to post to a test install of WordPress on my PowerBook running PHP 5. ETA: there’s an updated version that runs on PHP 4.4.x. ETA 2: And it works, too. I just tried it [...]

On Patching WordPress with Atom 1.0

Niklas Lindblad, in the comments to the post on hAtom, wrote to remind me that James Snell has a drop-in replacement for wp-atom.php that will upgrade your WordPress blog’s Atom feed to 1.0. In order to use that with PHP 4, apply Niklas’ patch. Finally, if you don’t want to syndicate your feed’s content as [...]

Sandbox and Strangelove: hAtom in WordPress

I hung out in the back of the hall at Wordcamp, adding hAtom support to the default WordPress theme. Photo credit: Scott Beale (Laughing Squid) I showed my work to Bill Lazar, who told me that Scott Allan Wallick’s new theme, Sandbox, available for WordPress.com blogs, has hAtom baked in. Well, that makes my work, [...]

The State of URL Abstraction

Elliote Rusty Harold on the lousy support for URL abstraction on the server side: It’s best to design your URLs without respect to how they will actually be implemented. Design them so they make sense to human clients and search engines. Then worry later about how you’ll actually implement the backend that serves representations of [...]


I wanted to display the age, in years, months, days, etc., of my old weblog entries. I found Aidan Lister’s Duration.php. It defines a static method to convert a timestamp into a readable string. // 2 hours, 20 minutes, 5 seconds $time = 60*60*2 + 20*60 + 5; // Convert to a string echo Duration::toString($time); [...]

Zend Framework Tutorial

PHP security maven Chris Shiflett has a tutorial on the Zend framework in php | architect.

More On PHP

Last night I stopped at the Whole Foods by my office to pick up some bread and cheese. The gentleman behind me in line was wearing a black Zend tshirt, and since Zend’s just down the street from us I asked him if he worked for them, and what he thought of Tim Bray’s recent [...]

Atom Feed Roundhouse Kicked in Face

My rewrite rules for the old RSS/Atom URLs are borked. Trying to debug this now. WordPress advertises the URL /moreLikeThis/feed/atom/, however, that returns a 404 error. More mod_rewrite hacking has fixed this.