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Links for Labor Day Weekend

If this is a long weekend for you, I’m hoping you’re enjoying it. Julie Gomoll’s had it with twitter/facebook/social-media spam from people pitching their South by Southwest panel proposals. The best lessons on marketing from Second Life come from the people who are creating fashion, gadgets, and other things inworld. Learn from them. Your employees [...]

Slacktivist on the Current Contentions

Slacktivist has been putting out some great posts on the shrillness of some of the opponents of health care reform: In The IndigNation, Fred Clark talks about “The National Indignation Convention” (!) an early 1960′s movement, similar to the shouting mobs showing up at public meetings on health care, but were convinced that the danger [...]

January 20th, 2009

Eight years ago, Cynthia and I observed the inauguration of George W. Bush by going to a protest in Oakland. Today is also Cynthia and my fifth anniversary as a couple, so no, we don’t look back completely in anger at the last few years. There’s a lot I can say, however, about the Bush [...]

Awe, Anger and Wonder

Awe over Senator Obama’s overwhelming victory. He ran the map. 538.com’s projections were nearly spot on. I lost the pool at work with my much more conservative guess that spotted McCain Florida and Ohio, but I don’t care. Anger over my fellow Californians’ willingness to enshrine bigotry in the constitution. (However, that is not a [...]

California Ballot Propositions

I’m guessing that most of you have voted by mail already, however, if you’re still staring at that ballot, my opinions. Most importantly, an emphatic No on 8: it is discriminatory, it hurts my friends and co-workers, and it’s the most mean-spirited thing I’ve seen since, well, the Knight Initiative. On some of the others: [...]

What Anne Lamott Said

We really needed Molly Ivins to be around still for this election.

Mr. Lessig attempts to go to Washington

Larry Lessig announced he’s is considering running for California’s 12th district, a seat left vacant by the death of Representative Tom Lantos. I’m not sold on the idea that Congress is the best place for him to be. And, even though the seat is vacant, he’ll face considerable competition from State Senator Jackie Speier, a [...]

Hanging Separately

Emo Philips on this morning’s West Coast Live: Libertarians believe consenting adults should be able to do anything they want. Except band together.

LOL Eschaton

So, my friends have been having fun imagining what Falwell’s reception in the afterlife might be like. But I don’t think we have souls, so I have to come up with a technological teleology for the late Reverend.

Falwell’s machine-instantiated conscious…

It’s Not Funny

The threats made against Kathy Sierra are vile, disgusting, and not uncommon. For instance: Ginmar, an Iraq war veteran, receives hateful comments and threats every day. Min Jung Kim writes about the constant barrage of stalkers and creepy comments she receives. I heard about Ms. Sierra canceling her ETech presentation when Liz Henry IM’ed me [...]

On Meritocracy

Teresa Nielsen Hayden: Never believe in a meritocracy in which no one is funny-looking.

Glorifying Terrorism

After Blair’s government wrote a law making the “glorification of terrorism” an offense in the UK, Farah Mendlesohn asked science fiction writers for stories that “glorified terrorism”.

Molly Ivins, 1944-2007

We’ll try to “Raise more Hell,” but now I’m going to cry.

Surrounded by Reality and and Dwarf Planets

I love Madison. The city adopted Pluto as its ninth planet in a humorous resolution reading like a communique from the Unitarian Jihad: BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the City invites any representatives of Pluto (should any exist) to an upcoming Common Council meeting where they will receive the keys to the city, passes to [...]

Planetary Politics

I figured someone would try to get some political bounce out of the IAU’s reclassification of Pluto as a Dwarf Planet. [ via SpaceRef ]