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Lt Ken Ballard

Before tonight’s vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan (q.v.), Karen Meredith, who also lost a son in Iraq, thanked us for coming. She leaves for Camp Casey this weekend, where Sheehan and supporters wait for President Bush to speak with her and other bereaved parents.

Want to Help the Carl Brandon Society?

The Carl Brandon Society would like some web programming help. The Society promotes Science Fiction and Fantasy by and about people of color. They would like help setting up: Membership registration A bibliographic database A weblog/lightweight CMS If you’re interested and available, please contact Victor Raymond, vraymond@iastate.edu Technorati: wiscon

Keep October 18th Open on Your Calendar

I’d love to tell you more about Tinderbox Weekend, and Doug Miller’s cool keyword assignment hack he came up with on Sunday. I’d like to respond to the person who sent a terse email to complain about a post from earlier this year where I argued against table-based-layouts. And I want to connect the dots [...]

Live Journaling the Democratic Convention

My friend Alyson‘s in Boston as part of the California Delegation to the Democratic Party Convention. She sent this from the floor: Today was the first official day of the convention and I’ve only been on the floor for about an hour. Imagine a huge arena with vast numbers of people moving all the time. [...]

Joel Rogers on John Edwards

Back in February, my old boss Joel Rogers endorsed John Edwards in the Wisconsin Primaries. Joel’s a hard working, pragmatic progressive, whose opinions I respect. So, I was happy when I heard Kerry’s selected Edwards as his Vice Presidential Candidate. Maybe we’ll see Joel become Kerry’s Secretary of Labor.

A Species of Category Error

I’ve been thinking about how myself and others on the Left treat our fellows who believe in God since the issue came to the fore last week (see Patrick Nielsen Hayden here and here, The Right Christians, and The Blogger formerly known as Calpundit.) I’m agnostic. From what I understand from biology, physics and math, [...]

Bakesales aren’t Just for Literary Awards

Dammit, I forgot the MoveOn Bakesale for Democracy happens tomorrow. If you want to sponsor a bake sale, you’ll find the Tiptree Award HOWTO useful.

That’s why it’s called politics, rather than ethics or justice.

Excellent advice to the Deannie Babies from Patrick over at Electrolite: Laugh it off and claim it as your own battle cry. Molly Ivins paraphrasing Emma Goldman: “You gotta have fun while you’re fightin’ for freedom.” Pee Wee Herman: “I meant to do that.” See also: Last Night’s Top Ten on Letterman. Update: bloody hell, [...]

Gov. Dean’s Top 10

Democratic Candidate for President Howard Dean, the doc who roared/ranted, was on Letterman tonight, doing the Top Ten list. Not a home run, but a good natured gag. [ QuickTime, Real, That Other Format ]

Guardian UK to launch US edition

The Daily Kos reports that The Guardian may be launching a weekly US edition. Those of you right-of-center, hold your flames, because Syndication/Weblogging maven Ben Hammersley writes on technology for the paper, so we might be getting his columns in print Stateside. Of course, if you’re right-of-center, and against RDF I guess this would be [...]

Freepers Stuffing Moveon Ballot Box

[ via Long Story, Short Pier ] Nathan Newman reports that the Freepers plan on stuffing the ballot box in MoveOn.org’s presidential preference poll. Their genius plan: register multiple addresses and vote for Reverend Sharpton. Well, it says a great deal about Freepers if they think voting for a black man is embarassing. The econony [...]

Peace activism: a matter of language

The peace movement has begun a difficult task: reclaiming the language of patriotism and loyality from the Right’s monopoly. The San Francisco Chronicle reports: An underground public relations campaign has begun to introduce patriotic language into left-leaning groups, said George Lakoff, a UC Berkeley linguistics professor and author of “Moral Politics.” Conservatives have “pretty much [...]


Edward Vielmetti mentions a project called Peacetrack, born out of the Lazyweb. It’s a site for people to post links and trackback gathering independent coverage of peace activities by the people involved.

The Congressman from the Constitution

Friday night, I went to a fund raiser held in honor of former Congressman Don Edwards of California. Several speakers referred to him as “The Congressman from the Constitution” — in reference to Nat Hentoff’s description of him. Edwards was a Republican, and an FBI agent, but switched parties and ran for Congress in San [...]

The Monstah Returns

Interesting Monstah is back. Link