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What, it’s not like you don’t have a DualCore iMac

Tim Bray: Maybe the DOM-wrangling isn’t all that efficient… but who cares? The browser totally doesn’t have anything better to do.

Bruce Sterling in Wikiquote

The Quotations of Chairman Bruce, via Kathryn Cramer. It’s all recent stuff, however, someone needs to add selections from Cheap Truth, and SMOF BBS.

Is the The Huffington Post a blog or an online magazine?

Jorn reminds us of our roots: but i was distressed to discover that the original intent of the expression ‘web logging’ (to log your websurfing with public annotations) has gone entirely by the boards Jorn, by the way, was the first person I saw using the term ‘weblog’.

Jonas Luster warns about Cargo Cult buisness plans

When software shows up at my door with a beer, watches What not to Wear with me on my sofa, then gets me laid afterward, that will be social software. Jonas on stage at Webzine 2005, arguing that Social Software really is Community Software. Oh, and don’t use the term “long tail” around him, unless [...]

Jon Carroll on Daylight Savings Time

Great lines from Jon Carroll’s column today: Jesuits are so cool. That’s the problem with being an agnostic: no Jesuits. … Americans trust scientists to tell us what time it is, but a lot of them do not trust scientists to tell them how old the Earth is. Go figure. Link

Lessig’s Bad Code for Porn

Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig makes a daft suggestion: require adult content providers to wrap <porn> … </porn> around the naughty stuff, and direct brower developers to ignore such tags unless a parent approves. This fails in the same way domain schemes such as .xxx or .adult fail: There can be no universal standard for [...]

I laugh at your IDE’s Debugger

Normaly, this is the sort of thing that goes in a link log, but Tim Bray’s advice is good enough to deserve a full entry. “When the going gets tough, the tough use “print.”

Bruce Sterling on TIA

Declan McCullagh asks Bruce Sterling about Total Information Awareness. I’ll tell you what will happen if it were an effective TIA. There would immediately be a series of coups inside the Republican Party as the people who owned the KGB survival mechanism were systemically outed and “Trent Lotted”…It would be profoundly destabilizing. Their sexual affairs [...]

Norman Mailer on The New American Century

Listen! Norman Mailer addressed the Commonwealth Club of California this past February 20th on the subject of the at the time, incipient war on Saddam. He does not apologize for the perfidy and lies of Saddam. He acknowledges their role in the current crisis, but he is even more fearful of this New American Century, [...]

Richard Dawkins rants on the Iraqi War

It wouldn’t be a global catastrophe without the ne plus ultra of anti-theists servicing the believers with a bunker-buster of purple prose (deserved or not): Bush seems sincerely to see the world as a battleground between Good and Evil, St Michael’s angels against the forces of Lucifer. We’re gonna smoke out the Amalekites, send a [...]

The Gulf War Drinking Game

[ via Dan Hon ] Break out the hard stuff because it’s almost time for the Gulf War Drinking Game.

I think pearl-clutching is an entirely appropriate response.

Kip savages Savage.

On ‘Fisking’ and ‘Idiotarian’

[ via RC3.org ] Thank you, Anil. I would like you to know that idiotarian is not a word. Yes, I recognize that English is a living, evolving language, where additions are made by usage and not by mandate, but understand, neither are they made through sheer repetition. Fisk is not a transitive verb; It’s [...]

Why ‘libertarian-socialist’ isn’t as contradictory as you may have thought

[ via RC3 ] Over at Lake Effect (which is great to see back in business) Dan Hartung explains the seemingly contradictory term ‘libertarian-socialist’.

Avedon Defends MWO

Spinsanity went after MWO over their tone. That’s all nice and idealistic, but the ‘other side’ isn’t playing nice. They throw dirt in your face, dip their rapiers in the sewer, and in the case of The Blonde from Hell — turn both keys within five seconds of each other and let loose with rhetorical [...]