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Happy 80th Birthday, Ursula K. Le Guin

Today is Ursula K. Le Guin’s 80th birthday. I read The Dispossessed for the first time during my junior year of college, and its lesson, in a friend’s words, that “it’s always more complicated” has stayed with me, even if I don’t always remember it. Three Roads Four Ways to Forgiveness should be read by [...]

Spatial Hypertext in Second Life

Peter Miller’s StoryMachine is a 3D spatial hypertext system (like Tinderbox) for Second Life. It’s been hooked up to TiddlyWiki, and the creators are looking at how to make it work with the new HTTP-in (every prim a server) functions in LSL so you can update the StoryMachine instance from outside of Second Life.

Ada Lovelace Day 2009

In the few minutes left before the first Ada Lovelace Day comes to a close, I want to tell you about my friend and coworker Strata Rose Chalup. Strata is a world-class geek and polymath: she’s co-authored one of the go-to books on system administration, teaches project management at USENIX, gardens, dotes on her cats, [...]

Magnatune Streams for Second Life

[ via AM Radio ] Magnatune provides several royalty-free streams you can use on your Second Life (and I would guess OpenSim) parcels.

Data Visualization in Second Life

The above is Hiro’s Molecule Rezzer constructing a ball and stick model of a lactose molecule in Second Life. It’s reading data from the HyperChem database converted into a notecard. You can get one for free from the American Chemical Society’s sim*. This is one of several examples of data visualization tools in Second Life [...]

Clearing the Tabs

Building a Calculator in Little Big Planet: am I intrigued enough to get a Playstation III? I don’t know, but there is a lot to be learned from the casual building tools in that game. Reviewing the premiere of the seventh, and last season of Firefly: now that’s fan fiction taken to the meta level. [...]

The Early Days of a Better Metaverse

It’s been nearly a year since I left Apple to come work for Linden Lab, and I haven’t said much about what I’ve been up to. This quarter, I’ve stepped away from programming to manage the Open Grid Public Beta program: the first step towards breaking out of the walled garden of virtual worlds. In [...]

Where is Inspector Konstantin when we need her?

My friend Spike observed that Pat Cadigan’s 1999 novel Tea from an Empty Cup anticipated the October 24th episode of CSI:NY where Gary Sinise chased a murder suspect in Second Life.

The sky over Caledon…

William Gibson to visit Second Life.

BlogHer in Second Life

If you can’t make it to Chicago for BlogHer ’07, you can attend the conference in Second Life. Hopefully there won’t be the annoying advertising from Weight Watchers and similar ilk. They are looking for sponsors, so maybe our various communities could kick in to help provide some message-free dosh to pay for the BlogHer [...]

Second Life Twitter

Twitter in Second Life uses a Rails proxy. [ via Yoz Grahame ]