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The Unitarian Jihad Name Generator is Back from Hiatus

The Committee is taking applications for names one again.

LEGO is the reason for the season.

I run the slogan Axial tilt is the reason for the season at the end of each year. A parent in Alaska built an orrery out of LEGO to explain this to their kids. [ via Subrata Sircar ]

Big Damn Easter Egg

The “Big Damn Movie” is Serenity that came out on DVD Tuesday. The easter egg is the ad for ‘Fruity Oaty Bars’ that causes River (Summer Glau) to go all Buffy on a bar full of space cowboys. You get to the easter egg from the main menu: put the cursor on Play Movie, and [...]

Harry Potter and the XMLHTTPRequest Object

Using AJAX and a chatbot to create Tom Riddle’s diary from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The creator explains it on his weblog.


I’ve been playing with WolframTones tonight, after finding out about them from Kathryn Cramer. These are little musical compositions created by running a one-dimensional cellular automata, then taking a slice, rotating the slice, and mapping a musical scale to the result. You tweak the result by playing with the generator’s initial conditions, changing the instruments, [...]


Combining annoying yappy little dogs and creepy eight legged things.

Fitzmas Bingo

Fitzmas Bingo cards! Thank you Dori! If you don’t know what Fitzmas is, go read dKos.

Web Sudoku

I haven’t played Sudoku until now. It is a fun game. Needs a widget-version.

Brad, Janet, Rocky, Bunny?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 30 seconds with bunnies. Click on the bunny in the balcony at the end to see the Time Warp HOWTO.

We love Katamari

The sequel to the best goofy game in the whole world, Katamari Damacy, has shipped.

New Genres for Hamlet

Last weekend, my gaming group tried a “parlor LARP” of Hamlet, set after the Prince kills Polonius, but before Claudius sends him off to England with that letter. I just found an Infocom-style version of Hamlet you can play in a browser. Now you can type kill claudius. [ via Elizabeth Bear ]


[ via Ned Batchelder ] Hey Badger, Moomin might get a kick out of this Flash-based animation tool.

Minesweeper in XSLT

[ via Micah Dubinko ] A client-side Minesweeper written using JavaScript and XSLT. The main page uses javascript to handle the mouse-events and to generate the random numbers. Everything else is done in 3 different xslt files. The first stylesheet takes a set of random numbers and a pair of min/max values and returns a [...]

Talking Back to Your Squeezebox

Some silliness with a Squeezebox: http://hostname:9000/status.txt?p0=display&p1=firstline&p2=secondline&p3=5 Tells the SlimServer at hostname:9000 to send the message in p1 and p2 to the display of the Squeezebox it controls for p3 seconds. Worth a try if you’re on a friend’s network with a Squeezebox. Proving that any good piece of software will expand until it reads email, [...]

Flux Capacitor and Plutonium Sold Separately

I saw this in the window of the body shop around the corner from me when I was walking over to Dana Street Roasting this morning. My friend Chad has one of them which he keeps garaged in Dearborn.