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SQLite Database Browser

A free (beer + source) browser for SQLite databases: Mac/Win/Unix

Fugu: GUI for SFTP and SCP

My coworker Ron was horrifed to learn I’m a command line luddite, and still run scp to move files between servers. He’s using Fugu, a graphical wrapper for scp and sftp. If you’ve set up ssh keys for a server, Fugu will use them. It can also open remote files in your editor. Fugu’s written [...]

You will also probably want to create a .costenarc file, to define your burrito macros in.

There’s a video making the rounds of a bunch of MIT kids who wrote a command line program to order pizza. This is not a new thing. Back when Adobe Systems was in Mountain View, the engineers wrote burrito a command line program which created a Postscript file describing a burrito and faxed it to [...]

BBEdit Command Line Options

Bill Bumgarner has a lovely hint for using BBEdit with tools like CVS: BBEdit can be called from the command line in Mac OS X, you can also call it with –wait, and it’ll behave the way CVS wants.

Cartoonist pubs source, patches on same day.

Bill Amend’s Foxtrot ran a gag for C programmers today. However, people complained about the lack of a newline in the printf statement. Amend published a patch for his cartoon later in the day.

Perens on SCO’s Claims

Bruce Perens refutes SCO’s claims that Linux and IBM violated their IP.

Sendmail Enabler

[ via Jon Udell ] Sendmail Enabler allows you to securely turn on sendmail and PHP in OS X by editing the configuration files for you.

Interleave Mail.app and Pine

Rael wrote a HowTo point Pine at your Mail.app folders.

OS X Terminal Fun

Emmanuel M. Décarie found a slew of interesting tools to run from the Mac OS X command line, including running Software Update from within a shell.

Siege: an Open Source Web Server Stress Tester

Siege is a stress test tool for web servers. It’s written in C, and based on Lincoln Stein’s torture.pl. It does not have the function set of JMeter, but if you want to verify your server will not fold when flooded with requests, this is a good first step.

Common UNIX Printing System on Mac OS X

On using CUPS from Mac OS 10.2 as an alternative to Print Center.app. Old bits, but useful. The main thing to remember is to be logged in as an Admin user, and go to http://localhost:631. Link

Macintosh Key Sequences

Always handy to have a list of all the special key sequences available when starting a Mac.

Unix for Mac OS X: Learning the Command Line

There’s another book on learning Unix for old-school Mac users.

Give a Computer Billionare a Fish…

Over at inessential.org, Brent plays with the ‘Give a Man a fish…’ parable. Give Scott McNealy a fish, and he’ll rant about how it’s all Microsoft’s fault. But teach Scott McNealy to fish-and he’ll rant about how it’s all Microsoft’s fault.

How to sed

I’m so used to doing regex hackery in Perl, but wanted to try sed as a lightweight alternative. I found a nice one-pager on how to use it.