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Links for Labor Day Weekend

If this is a long weekend for you, I’m hoping you’re enjoying it. Julie Gomoll’s had it with twitter/facebook/social-media spam from people pitching their South by Southwest panel proposals. The best lessons on marketing from Second Life come from the people who are creating fashion, gadgets, and other things inworld. Learn from them. Your employees [...]

Data Visualization in Second Life

The above is Hiro’s Molecule Rezzer constructing a ball and stick model of a lactose molecule in Second Life. It’s reading data from the HyperChem database converted into a notecard. You can get one for free from the American Chemical Society’s sim*. This is one of several examples of data visualization tools in Second Life [...]

Lively Petition

In the wake of Google’s planned shutdown of the Lively 3D chatroom product, the users started a site and a petition to demand that Google keep it running. The group cites Lively’s ease of use, the ability to embed a room in a web page, and Google’s vigilance in policing content, as some of the [...]

Google Lively Ends

Google announced they were discontinuing their 3D world Lively at the end of the year. My condolences to the Lively team. I would had loved it if you all had gotten to do the Mac and Linux versions.

The Early Days of a Better Metaverse

It’s been nearly a year since I left Apple to come work for Linden Lab, and I haven’t said much about what I’ve been up to. This quarter, I’ve stepped away from programming to manage the Open Grid Public Beta program: the first step towards breaking out of the walled garden of virtual worlds. In [...]

I hate it when the Ship’s Mind blows off office hours.

Taken at Purgatorio, while wearing the Steam Sparrow Robot avatar by mochi Rokocoko.

The Victorian Culture

I found an airship avatar at Grendel’s Children. It’s great for tooling around Steampunk sims like Babbage Square. And as you see in the photo below, it’s small. Great for days you want to be a Steampunk version of a drone from Iain M. Banks’ Culture novels. Hey, wait, I was on a GSV with [...]

Saturday Music: Virtual Electropop and Missed Synergies

I just bought music off of MySpace from a band that only appears in a virtual world. But to do that, I had to sign up for yet another vendor, Snocap. Fortunately, they use PayPal, so I didn’t have have to give them a credit card. However, I wish that MySpace would had struck a [...]

Book on the history of virtual worlds available for free download

Julian Bell released his book Tiny Life, about the text-based LambdaMOO virtual world of the 1990′s, as a free PDF download. LambdaMOO is one of Second Life’s ancestors. He wanted to release it under a Creative Commons license, but ran into complications. Thanks to Aleks Linden for the heads up.