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I’m a guy. Can I be a BlogHer?

BlogHer, like WisCon, is about women, and like WisCon, men are welcome (despite persistent rumors.) Both are great conferences.

Use iWeb as a NetNewsWire Weblog Editor

An AppleScript to post the current item in Net News Wire as an iWeb blog entry. [ via Ranchero]

Long story; short pier returns

Kip Manley’s writing Long story; short pier again after a long gap. He moved the site to WordPress, so things will look a little generic until he gets the design sorted. But it’s good to see him back.

Is the The Huffington Post a blog or an online magazine?

Jorn reminds us of our roots: but i was distressed to discover that the original intent of the expression ‘web logging’ (to log your websurfing with public annotations) has gone entirely by the boards Jorn, by the way, was the first person I saw using the term ‘weblog’.

WebnoteHappy: bookmark manager for Mac

I’ve been using Luis de la Rosa’s Webnote Happy for the past few days to clean up the twenty or so tabs I have open across three or four browser windows at any given time. Webnote Happy’s a bookmark manager that lets you store the URL, title, and a description for a web page. You [...]

Antagonise the Horn if you must, but stay away from the knitters.

You don’t want to get the knitters against you. There’s a lot of them and they all have pointy sticks. Not a good idea. Besides the pointy stick thing, they chair conferences.

Jakob Nielsen on Weblog Usablity

Jakob Nielsen’s posted his top ten list of design mistakes in weblogs. In the interest of bloging one’s mistakes, I’m guilty of at least: No ‘about’ page. My about is more of a colophon, and that hasn’t been updated since last century. I should do something about that, neh? No author photo. Here I am [...]

Creating Video Podcasts on Mac OS X

How to create a video blog using QuickTime Pro on Mac OS X. [ thanks Ernie ]

The Blog Party Moved to the Back Room

[ via Kottke ] Yes, a lot of those webloggers from 1999 have moved to Live Journal.

You Forgot Live Journal

Dori! You missed Live Journal in your review of blogging tools for the Mac. It’s free (but you can pay for more features.) It provides Atom and RSS feeds. It’s geared for use by groups of friends. You can post private entries. There’s a great Mac client for posting and managing entries. It consumes RSS/Atom, [...]

Mazel Tov, Laurel!

Congratulations to Laurel Krahn, she’s marrying her sweetheart Kevin at the Minnesota Twins game this Saturday. Laurel’s another of the first cadre of Webloggers from back in 1998. Her current web project’s TV Picks, where she points you at what’s worth your TV time, which grew out of her love for the series Homicide. She’s [...]

CC License Change

If you find this post in a blog about Witch Hunter Robin, boxes, or Moen faucets, then that must mean it’s been republished by a keyword-driven spam blog in violation of the license under which this site and its Atom feed are published. Effective immediately, this Weblog is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

Anita Rowland

Anita Rowland’s health took a bad turn. The cancer she fought off a few years ago has returned. Anita’s been active in weblogs and online-journals since the beginning, and she’s a keystone of the Seattle weblog community. I met her through Science Fiction fandom and Potlatch. Please keep Anita and Jack in your thoughts.

Testing the Atom Rig

Net News Wire announced Atom 1.0 support on Thursday. I’ve been updating the feed, switching to tag: entry ids and generally futzing with the weblog. Please let me know if things aren’t working for you.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Suckers

Found a great piece about Suck.com’s history written for the 10th anniversary of the site’s launch. Suck.com’s style: new content daily, the writers’ snark, and their simple (for pre-CSS) design influenced plenty of Webloggers. My favorite piece remains the piss-take on Silicon Valley Techno-Libertarians.