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Old Formats Die Hard

I restored a RSS 2.0 feed for More Like This using Feed Burner. There are plenty of people pointing at my old RSS feed. But the feed had been replaced with a script that was supposed to tell you that the feed was gone and to switch to the Atom feed. However, I also sent [...]

Some JavaScript Links

[ via Rafe ] An HTTP server written in JavaScript: you need a variety of JavaScript with I/O and file system extensions to run it. Kurt Cagle wrote some demo code to show off the E4X JavaScript extension that will be part of the next Firefox release. E4X lets you treat an XML document as [...]

Handy WebDAV Hint: GET + PHP = Bad

I have a local server where the document path’s available published as a WebDAV folder. We usually don’t put PHP scripts in that folder. But we added one: a PHP utility script. When I tried opening that script in that folder, I got the page’s HTML contents without the PHP. What gives? WebDAV guru Jim [...]

On Blogging One’s Mistakes

I received an anonymous email about my last entry, where I managed to break Apache by saving a configuration file as UTF-8 with a byte-order-mark. Then set BBEdit to save the file as UTF-8 without BOM instead of complaining that it did what you asked it to. I apologize if that last post sounded like [...]

Breaking .htaccess

Edited to emphasize my bone-headedness. I try to be a good web citizen, and set BBEdit to create UTF-8 encoded files by default. Last night I created an .htaccess file in BBEdit. Something I’d normally do in emacs. I saved the file, tried loading a page, and got a server configuration error. The error log [...]

100 FORMAT(‘<HTML>’)

[ via Matt Croydon ] A CGI written in Fortran. Ow. Write(6,1406) Write(6,1407) Write(6,1408) … 1406 FORMAT(‘><img src=’ ‘http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-gifs/iconbar.gif’ ) 1407 FORMAT(‘height=20′ ‘width=525′ ‘alt=’ ‘[icon bar]‘ ‘vspace=5′ ) 1408 FORMAT(‘border=1′ ‘ismap></a></CENTER><P>’ )

UrlRewriteFilter for Servlets

[ via Russell Beattie ] UrlRewrite rewrites URL requests coming to your servlet engine like mod_rewrite does for Apache.

Subversion 1.0 packages for OS X

Bill Bumgarner’s packaged Fred Sánchez’s Apache 2.0/Subversion binaries for Mac OS X. Double click the installer, and you’re done. Why all the hubub? Subversion is version control software. Like CVS, you can go back across the changes you made to a file or a collection of files. I’ve mentioned this before, but with Subversion, you [...]

Sorry Yahoo!

I looked through logs and discovered that the Yahoo! bot was getting lost. It was looking for /morelikethis instead of /moreLikeThis and getting sent to the 404 error page. That’s not good. I’ve updated my rewrite rules so that you don’t have to worry about the camel casing. I know that mixed case URLs are [...]

Installing Apache 2 and PHP 5 on OS X

Kellan found that it was easy to build Apache 2.0 and PHP 5 on Mac OS X.

Sharing the Load in Movable Type: Some Speculation

I think you need at least two servers to run Moveable Type in a shared environment. Note: this is idle Sunday afternoon speculation. Why: because the more posts you have, the more work there is to update all the static files in reaction to a change (new post, edit post, trackback, comment.) More weblogs on [...]

Port80 and Netcraft: Who’s right? Neither.

Chris Neppes, over at Port80 Software, sent me a heads up on their monthly survey of what web server software the top 1,000 corporations use. They’re promoting the survey in response to some gloating by the Apache folks about their 63.98% share in the August 2003 Netcraft Survey. Port80 looked at the response headers from [...]

Professional Engineer on Closed Network: Do not attempt at home

We’re all suffering through spam hell this week. Teresa and Patrick’s comments (as well as other Moveable Type sites) have been hit by ‘adult entertainment entrepreneurs’. I’ve been Joe-Jobbed by a zombie horde of infected Windows boxes. Jay Allen’s fighting a rear guard action to build a blacklist tool for Moveable Type comments. So, when [...]

Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application

Using the iText library from a servlet to deliver PDF files.

Sendmail Enabler

[ via Jon Udell ] Sendmail Enabler allows you to securely turn on sendmail and PHP in OS X by editing the configuration files for you.