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A crocheted velvet rope.

Forget Pownce and Dopplr, the hot beta invite is Ravelry, the social network for knitters. Cynthia waited two months for her golden ticket, and at long last got one today.

What, it’s not like you don’t have a DualCore iMac

Tim Bray: Maybe the DOM-wrangling isn’t all that efficient… but who cares? The browser totally doesn’t have anything better to do.

Chuck Norris does REST

Following up on the Chuck Norris 2.0 thing: Chuck Norris extends HTTP with a new method, KICK; and a new status, 443: Resource Kicked in Face.

Chuck Norris + Web 2.0

Meme convergence: Chuck Norris has an open API. His right leg, coming straight at your face.

Notorious Popesquatter

Rogers Cadenhead: I was called a popesquatter by no less august a personage as Katie Couric. I don’t know what’s funnier: popesquatter, or being scolded by a TV newsie.

The Infinite Matrix’s Last Hurrah

Eileen Gunn’s Infinite Matrix survived the dot bust, provided a space for Bruce Sterling and Howard Waldrop to write their first weblogs, and featured a bunch of great science fiction over the years. Eileen’s decided to bring the site to a close, but it will go out with a cavalcade of stories and essays from [...]

WebnoteHappy: bookmark manager for Mac

I’ve been using Luis de la Rosa’s Webnote Happy for the past few days to clean up the twenty or so tabs I have open across three or four browser windows at any given time. Webnote Happy’s a bookmark manager that lets you store the URL, title, and a description for a web page. You [...]

Harry Potter and the XMLHTTPRequest Object

Using AJAX and a chatbot to create Tom Riddle’s diary from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The creator explains it on his weblog.

Two Weeks of Mint

A couple of weeks ago, I bought and installed Mint to analyze the traffic here. Mint, like Google Analytics and MeasureMap, can’t tell you about syndication feeds (unless readers come through Bloglines or similar.) So this is a sample skewed towards people who may not be cutting edge users. Popular Pages Do Cats Cause Schizophrenia [...]

Safari Guide 1.2: Greasemonkey for Safari

Todd Ditchendorf released a new version of his Safari Guide app last Friday. It already let you execute XPath and XQuery on the contents of the frontmost Safari window. Now it lets you execute JavaScript user scripts against the front window. It’s Greasemonkey for Safari! Meanwhile if you’re anxious to try out XQuery, Michael Kay, [...]

Rich Text Editing With Dojo

Oh fine, I say WYSIWYG editing XHTML is hard, then the Dojo people give us in-browser editing.

Transfer Scripts in PHP

I call them “routing scripts,” while Richard Davey calls them “transfer scripts.” They are a useful PHP technique.

IE Conditional Comments in XSLT 1.0

How to generate conditional comments for IE using XSLT.

Teaching Tagging

Talk at TagCamp lead by Marshall Kirkpatrick People don’t tag multiples: Using tags like folders is like drawing Venn diagrams with no overlapping circles — possible, but so destructive of the value of the system as to make the effort pointless. — Clay Shirky Analogies LC subject headings apply as many as are appropriate for [...]

hAtom: or one less output format

David James has been working out a microformat version of Atom. Why? In Mark Pilgrim’s world of the future, where your web browser does more than just display HTML documents, it means that when you want to add a site to your aggregator, your aggregator wouldn’t look for an Atom feed. Instead it’d parse the [...]